Rawlplug Curtain Pole Kit

Rawlplug offers a Curtain Pole Kit that includes everything you need to mount your curtain poles, rails, rods or blinds.




Suitable for solid or drywall, the Rawlplug Curtain Pole Kit contains [10] nylon wall plugs and [10] screws, as well as a 7mm masonry bit - everything you need to mount a curtain rail, rod, pole or window blinds. You will find more information here on why you should use nylon wall plugs for mounting into wall.



When hanging a curtain rod or pole, consider that these are always on show, whether the curtains are open or closed, so the choice is every bit as important as the curtains. Brackets and finials, which finish the end of the poles, add the finishing touches.

If you're looking to make a statement, take a look at the range on offer from Finishing Touches at your local Builders Warehouse.



Tips for mounting a curtain rod, rail or pole:





1. Measure and mark for the pole height at 10 to 15cm above the window recess. Take into consideration the length of the curtains you want to hang. You don't want the pole or rod to be too high if you want to hang ready-made curtains. For curtains of a specific length, work out the fixing height of the brackets so that the bottom of the curtain will sit where you want it to.




Use a spirit level to draw a straight line from one side of the window to the other. Extend the line beyond the sides of the window to allow for mounting the brackets. Note that not all windows are straight and the line you draw might not be the same distance above the recess on both sides.





2. Measure and mark for the support bracket mounting position. This should be about 15cm from either side of the window recess, depending on the finished curtain width.



3. Place the support brackets against the wall to mark holes for drilling. Double-check the height from floor to bracket fixing points to ensure it is correct for the curtain length you will be hanging.



If you're unsure about drilling into walls, use a Bosch Digital Detector. These units reliably detect ferrous/non-ferrous metals and electric cables at depths of up to 7cm.



4. Drill pilot holes for fixings and use a Rawlplug Curtain Pole Kit with nylon wall plugs and screws. Secure the brackets in place.





5. Adjust the rod or pole length to extend a few centimetres beyond the support brackets.





6. Thread the curtain rings onto the pole or rod, leaving one outside each support bracket to secure the curtains, and fix the finials in place on either end. Now your curtains can be hung to add the perfect finishing touch.