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Nylon wall plugs won't let it fall!

If you've ever mounted something onto a wall with plastic wall plugs, you know there's no guarantee it's going to stay hung for long!


When you buy pre-packed accessories and fittings they include the wall plugs and screws. Problem is that the wall plugs supplied are plastic. When presenting DIY Divas workshops we do a quick demo to show what happens to plastic when it gets warm... it goes soft and soggy.

Now imagine you are at the top of a stepladder mounting a curtain rail. You've drilled out the hole and popped in a [plastic] wall plug and now you're ready to drive in the screw to mount the fitting. But wait, what happens when you drive in the screw? The process of driving in the screw generates heat. So, you're driving and driving and driving and still the screw won't stop turning, or you finish the job but the fitting is loose.

Rawlplug 4ALL wall plugs are available at select hardware stores countrywide, or get in touch with to locate your nearest retail outlet, or visit



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