Quick and easy window treatments

There's more than one way to hang a curtain, in fact there are many ways. I did a bit of research to find the most practical yet stylish ways to hang curtains without using the traditional curtain rail, pole or track..


Be creative with a thick, black permanent marker pen and create your own curtain designs. Before drawing onto the fabric check that it does not run too much. If you find that it does, paint the back of the fabric with a slightly watered down PVA and let dry. This creates a canvas effect and will stop ink from spreading.


Drill holes into the wall for 8mm wood dowels. Insert the dowels and pop a finial onto each dowel to hang curtains without a curtain rod. What a GREAT idea from Bobbypin's Boardwalk!




Choose a trim that will work with the sheer or curtain you are decorating. You do not want heavy buttons on a sheer, as this will weigh down the curtain and make it hang wrong. Also consider care and cleaning of trims that will be attached permanently. Use washable trims on curtains or other window treatments that will be laundered, and dry-cleanable ones on treatments that will be sent to the dry cleaners, or design trim so that it can be easily removed (ie. use Velcro to attach).


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