Pick Of The Best Window Treatments

Small windows, awkward windows, low windows or tall windows, there is a window treatment that is perfect for all types of window shapes and sizes.






Few give windows a second glance when looking at a house, but it is a fact that window treatments set the stage for creating a home and decorating a room. Imagine what a room would look like without any type of window treatments whatsoever and how it would look bare. Yes, there are most certainly homes where the lack of window treatment works well, but in most homes a blank window looks bleak and leaves a room unfinished.


What better way to frame a perfect view or disguise an ugly one than with the perfect window treatment? And there are plenty of window treatment ideas that you can choose from to suit the style and decor of a home or dress up a plain room.




Window treatments, whether blinds, curtains or both, let you add personality and a unique touch to any room in a home.






Fabric Roller or Roman Blinds

One of the easiest window treatments you can install - no matter the size of a window - is that of roller or Roman blinds. Fabric blinds are not only a complementary treatment in addition to curtains on either side, but they look good on their own if you prefer a less frilly or more minimalistic approach to window treatments. Plus, if you are even minimally skilled with a sewing machine, making Roman blinds is a simple project.



If fancy window treatments aren't for you, consider making or having custom Roman blinds made up for a particular room. Choose a colour that complements those already in the room, like the couch below, or be daring an add a bold colour for high impact windows.






One thing that blinds are great for is privacy. During the daytime you can lift the blinds to allow in natural light and lower the blinds in the evening if you need privacy from close neighbours.


For those not ready to bring bold pattern or colour into a room, you can make custom fabric blinds or have them made up in almost any material - patterned or plain - in just about any colour imaginable.







Fabric blinds are one of the easiest ways to introduce colour and pattern into a plain room, and when you get tired and want a change, swap out for new blinds.






If you are interested in having fabric blinds made up to complement your home interior, you don't have to look far. Larger fabric stores offer a service for make up custom blinds - one where you can choose your own fabric and have custom blinds made to fit any window. You will also need to decide whether it would be better to have blinds fitted inside the window opening or have them made to fit over the outside of the window opening.



Shutters or Louvres

A window treatment that is gaining popularity is that of window shutters or louvres. Not only do these allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters a room and thereby control temperature, but many are adding shutters or louvers to their homes as an additional level of security.





Not only do shutters have a look that is timeless and elegant, but they are also the perfect choice for rooms that get hot during the summer months. Simply adjust the angle of the slats to reduce the amount of sunlight in the room.






From a style perspective, you can layer window treatments if you need privacy, to control light or want a way to bring colour and pattern into a room.





Shutters or louvres are not one-size-fits-all and you will need to have someone come out and measure up, especially for awkward or high windows where you want to fit shutters. The best bet is to have at least three quotations from reputable suppliers before signing on the dotted line.







Translucent Sheers or Voile 

One of my personal window treatments that I have in the bedrooms of my home is translucent sheers. Perhaps I'm old fashioned but I love the fact that this type of window treatment offers privacy without blocking out natural light. If your home doesn't receive direct sunlight all day, sheers or voile help to keep the temperature down indoors yet still allow cool breezes to flutter through the windows or doors. Modern, contemporary or traditional home... translucent sheers or voile will always have their place.






Voile or sheer curtains don't intrude on a room, but rather fade into the background to give any room in a home a sense of privacy from nosey neighbours and overlooking properties.






Swags and Drapes

Remember when swags were all the rage? Lightweight curtains draped to hang softly over the curtain rod or pole was very popular at one time, but this style still has a place as far as window treatments is concerned. For one it is very feminine, making it perfect for a boudoir or dressing room and second, it is a wonderful way to frame a feature window.





Some window trends fade into obscurity while new window dressing trends pop up all the time. For example, I really like the latest trend for framing a large window with layered drapes to create a stunning layered effect. It draws attention to a window and becomes an instant feature in a plain room and is ideally suited for a formal lounge or dining room.






Another window treatment trend that still lives on is that of letting curtains cascade down either side of the window to puddle on the floor to create a waterfall effect. This is a luxurious touch that, again, will work well in any formal setting.




The Bottom Line

There isn't a rule that you have to have window treatments in every room in a home and, sometimes you may prefer to leave windows bare, especially if the view attracts all the attention or the windows themselves are a feature. But there is no denying that window treatments do dress up a room and that you can select a window treatment that complements any design and serves to bring colour, pattern and texture into the setting.





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