Sheer curtains let in the light

Sheer or voile window treatments offer a cost-effective way to change out your window treatments, protect your furnishings, but still allow your home to be light and airy.


Whether you buy ready-made sheer or voile curtains, have them made up to fit, or make your own, sheers offer the most affordable way to dress up windows. Sheer curtains are available in an array of lightweight fabrics and neutral colours and complement any room setting. Plus, sheers are manufactured from lightweight fabric blend that makes them cost effective when compared to other types of fabric of window coverings.

Sheers are lightweight, almost transparent fabric that you can hang over your windows or use as a layered window treatment behind curtains. Sheer window treatments provide more than a cost-effective way to finish off your windows:


Sheers allow natural light into a home while providing the privacy you need. This makes sheers excellent for rooms that need lots of natural light but some measure of privacy. You also have the ability to add sheers and curtains to windows for a layered look where you want to bring colour and pattern into the room using curtains, but still have a level of privacy.


Even a thin layer of sheer fabric will protect your furniture from damaging UV rays. When used in conjunction with curtains, sheer serve as a protective barrier to block of damaging UV rays that fade and bleach furniture. They also protect any layered window treatments from the harmful effects of sunlight, extending the life of these expensive window treatments.

Sheers are ideal for house plants, offering some protection from harmful direct UV rays without blocking out essential light that plants need to thrive.

Sheer curtains can be hung from floor-to-ceiling, or to cover only a section of window, such as tall windows in a passage or hallway, to offer a private dining space, or to block sunlight in a room that receives too much sun. 



Sheer or voile curtains are available at home decor stores as ready-made window treatments, or you can purchase the material at your local fabric store, where most offer a service to make up curtains for you. 

The beauty of sheers is that they allow you to block out nosey neighbours without blocking out natural light. The lightweight material is finely woven to offer privacy where you need it.


A benefit of fitting sheers is how easy it is to take care of them. A cold wash when they start to look grubby is all that is required to keep sheers looking fresh. During the warmer months you can even shake them out and hang them up again to dry in the breeze.

When you live in close proximity to neighbours, rooms that are overlooked may require a certain amount of privacy. Sheer window treatments are ideal for this scenario.