Install Venetian Blinds in Under 30 Minutes... Tops!

Still in the process of turning the DIY Divas workshop back into a lounge and in this project, I am adding Venetian blinds on the window and will show you how to do this in under 30 minutes.






I am a huge fan of Venetian blinds and have them throughout my home. Not only are they an affordable solution for windows, but they are also versatile enough to be installed on their own or to have curtains draped down either side for a more dressed-up look. But what I love most about Venetian blinds is how you have control of privacy and light at your fingertips.



Adjusting the angle of the slats allows you to let in more natural light during the morning or afternoon, which is great if you have a TV in the room and watch sports or binge on your favourite TV series, and that you can control the amount of privacy at the same time - simply by adjusting the angle of the slats.





Once installed in the room, I am still in two minds of whether to have just the Venetian blinds on the window or add drapes down either side. I will let you know about this in the future should I go ahead and install a curtain rail or not. The Venetian blinds, above, immediately add a finishing touch to the window that was bare before, see image below.





When you decide to opt for Venetian blinds for a window, the first thing you need to do is to determine whether it must be installed inside the window alcove or over the front. In this instance, there isn't enough room inside the alcove to mount the blind brackets at the top and I also wanted to hang the blinds so that they were higher than the window. I'm doing this because there is a very low ceiling in the room and the added visual above the window will help make the ceiling appear higher than it is.




Another reason for mounting the blinds higher is that I didn't want to have custom blinds made but rather opted to select the blinds from standing sizes. Due to the size of the windows, I chose to go with two 1200mm wide blinds, but the only length I could find was 2200mm, which is much longer than the height of the windows. But that isn't going to be a problem as I will knot the cord so that it stops lowering at a point just below the bottom of the window. Problem sorted!




Venetian blinds - to fit inside window alcove or cover the window with extra on the sides, top and bottom

Nylon wall plugs and screws



Drill plus masonry bit (same size as wall plugs)

Straightedge or steel ruler (long)

Tape measure and pencil

Safety gear

You may also need a stepladder or step stool










Step 1

Decide where you want to install the blinds. Measure twice - buy once! I know, I know this is a rule for cutting wood, but it can also be applied to this situation. If you do not get the measurement accurate and 100% correct, you are going to have blinds that don't fit or are too short. Measure and measure again to ensure everything is correct before you buy or place your order.



Step 2

Use a straightedge or steel ruler and spirit level to make the location for the brackets for the blinds. Because I am installing two blinds, it is necessary to measure for the full length of both to mount [4] brackets. Make sure that the brackets are at least 100mm in from each end of the blind and, if you are installing two blinds on one window, don't forget to ensure that the gap between the two blinds is minimal.



Double-check your markings and measurements before you go ahead and drill into the wall. Also, make a mark at the centre of the window if you are installing double blinds. This will make it easier to line everything up when you install both blinds.



It is important that you use a spirit level when marking and mounting the brackets for the blinds. Even a couple of millimetres out and the blinds will not be straight.





Step 3

After marking the location of the holes to drill for the brackets, drill these to the same size as the wall plugs you will be using. Pop in the wall plugs and then screw each bracket firmly onto the wall. If you use nylon wall plugs, you won't have to worry about the blinds falling off the wall later. 





Close-up of the blind bracket. These let you position the top of the blind against the bracket and close the latch at the front to lock the blinds in place.





Step 4

For this step, you will need someone on hand to assist you with lining up the blinds for mounting. You need to make sure that they are installed at the centre of the window and at the sides. Line up one end of the blind at the centre mark (if installing double blinds).









Both Venetian blinds installed and ready to be lowered.





One side lowered and the cord tied off to ensure that the blinds do not go any lower.





The second blind is lowered and the length adjusted to match that of the first blind.





The entire process took far less than 30-minutes, but for those beginner DIY enthusiasts out there, follow these instructions and you should also be able to install your own Venetian blinds in under 30-minutes.





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