Ideas to Make a Stylish Curtain Rod

If the time has come for a new window treatment and you want to update the curtain rod, here are some great ideas for making a stylish curtain rod for your home.






I have made my fair share of curtain rods over the years, some for my own home and others for DIY tutorials or workshops and one thing I know for sure is that it is an easy project that won't take you long with the end result of a curtain rod that you made yourself to match your decor at a fraction of what it would cost to buy in the store.

Whether you have decided it is time for a change or you want to replace existing curtains, replacing the old one with something a little more stylish - or rustic - is a great weekend project and you can customise the curtain rod to match your decorating scheme.

Let's take a look at some ideas using a pine or meranti dowel to make curtain rods and you can decide for yourself which design would be the best option.



Use a Pine or Meranti Dowel

Using a pine or meranti dowel is probably the cheapest material for making a curtain rod and you will find a selection of thicknesses and lengths at any builders store. If you want to add finials to the end of the dowel curtain rods, you will also find these at Builders in a selection of designs and materials, so check out what is available before you decide what you want to do with the dowel curtain rod.





DIY enthusiast and blogger Jaclyn James shows how easy it is to use a wooden dowel and wooden brackets (made or bought) for a wood curtain rail that is perfect for a home decorated in shabby chic, rustic, cottage or country decor. On her website you will find step-by-step instructions for making the rustic curtain rod - all the supplies for which were purchased at her local hardware store. The only product shown that isn't available locally, which is the miniwax wood finish stain, and can easily be substituted with a selection of locally available wood stains.




If you are using a wooden dowel to make a curtain rod and you need it to be a longer length, make sure to add additional brackets to support the weight and prevent the wooden dowel from warping or bending.





Rachel Paxton over at Maison de Pax created her own version of a wooden curtain rail with a whitewashed finish to complement the dark wood furniture that decorated the room. Wanting to save money on expensive wooden curtain rods, she purchased a wood dowel, wood finials and bought wood brackets.





If you prefer something a little more stylish to finish off a window, this wood and leather curtain rod [above] made by danikoch shows step-by-step how you can make an inexpensive curtain rod without too much effort. Designed for tab-top curtains or curtains with a pocket at the top, you will only be able to use this curtain rod for lightweight curtain fabrics or sheers.





Last but not least, this modern DIY curtain rail from my fave DIY blogger, Pneumatic Addict, is a wooden rod with modern handmade finials at either end with a black painted finish that is perfect for a modern home looking for an update or fresh outlook for window treatments.





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