How to Make Simple Curtains Using a Bed Sheet

It's nice to know that you can still make affordable yet stylish curtains for a home using bed sheets.






While this article shows how you can easily make simple yet elegant curtains using bed sheets, it is also one that many renters will find interesting, particularly if they need to cover up odd or awkward windows without spending too much. Plus, we also give you a few tips on how to mount curtains over windows without having to drill into the wall.




Make a Simple Curtain Using a Flat Sheet

Why would you want to make a curtain using a bed sheet? The answer is simple: a single flat sheet costs from around R80 per sheet while a single curtain (unlined) costs anywhere from R400 upwards. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to dress a window, why pay 5 times more when you can make a curtain to fit for under R100?







How to Make a Simple Curtain Using a Flat Sheet

Firstly, you don't need mad sewing skills for even a sewing machine to make your own curtains using a flat sheet. There is an easier solution instead of sewing and it is also much faster and just as long-lasting.




Flat sheet, single

Iron-on bonding tape

Nylon straps

Iron and Ironing Board

Tape measure


OPTIONAL: Needle and thread if you need to hem the bottom of the sheet to adjust the length






Step 1

Hand sew or use iron-on bonding tape to secure nylon straps to the top of the curtain. Place the straps approximately 120- 150mm apart, or closer if you prefer the more ruffled look rather than a casual hanging.





Step 2

Thread the curtain rod through the straps to hang the curtain in place. This method is not recommended for curtains that are opened and closed regularly, but more for decorative curtains or sheers.









How to Hang Curtains Without Damaging Walls

The trick to hanging curtains without damaging walls is to use an extendable tension rod. These can be purchased at Builders or large hardware stores around the country and are reasonably priced. The advantage of an extendable tension rod is that it fits into most areas and you can take it with you when you move.





Other Solutions for Hanging Curtains Without Drilling Into Walls

There are a few other solutions for hanging curtains without drilling into walls, but using an extendable tension rod is by far the better. Here are other methods for hanging curtains if you are renting a home:





Velcro Tape

If the curtains are not heavy or you want to hang sheer curtains to add privacy, using Velcro tape is an easy solution. Secure one side of the tape above the window where you want to hang the curtains and the other side to the top of the curtain. If the tape isn't sticky enough to stay on the curtain, use a strong thread and hand sew the tape onto the fabric.





Self-Adhesive Hooks

Self-adhesive hooks are another temporary solution for hanging lightweight curtains where you are not allowed to drill into walls. However, do buy a quality brand as these will stick far better than brands with inferior double-sided tape on the back. Make sure that the wall is clean before adhering the hooks onto the wall.





Expandable Curtain Wire or Stretch Wire

If there is a wooden topper or frame around a window, you can use expandable curtain wire to hang curtains in front of the window. The only downside of this is that you need to screw in 2 eyelet hooks into the frame to stretch the wire across the opening. However, this can be easily and quickly repaired with tinted wood filler and then sanded smooth.





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