DIY Tips for Dads

DIY projects around the house are usually dad's responsibility over weekends. Figuring out how to do all the projects on your own while keeping up with the busy career and spending precious time with your family can be hard to juggle.


To help you save some time, Finishes Touches offer some practical guidelines for measuring your windows when you need to order and install blinds, rods and tie backs. These guidelines are the secret that will help you to choose the right tools for the job and create the prefect window setting.


Combi Drill or Corded Drill plus assorted bits

Masonry Bit, 5 or 6mm


Tape Measure, steel

Pen or pencil




Measure for Curtain Rods:

Measure the inside width of the window. Rods should extend 10-20cm beyond the window on each side. Measure the height according to your existing or new curtain height.

Measure for Tie Backs:

Tie backs should be installed approximately 1 metre from the floor.

Measure for Finials:

Ensure there is enough space for your chosen finial at the ends of the rod. If space is limited, consider an end cap finial.


Make it easy to install ready made or custom blinds from Finishing Touches...

Inside measurement:

Check that nothing is protruding into recess area where the blind will hang (i.e. burglar bars)
• Inside reveal width
• Inside reveal drop

GOOD TO KNOW: Take the measurements x 3 times: left, middle, right or top, middle, bottom and use smallest size to be safe.

Outside measurement:

• We recommend 10cm overlap on each side of the window
• We recommend 10cm overlap on the top of the width of the window

Cut out blinds:

• Measure the width between the tiles
• Measure the drop of the tile itself
• Measure the width of the tile itself

GOOD TO KNOW: Always use a metal tape measure, as plastic and cloth tapes may stretch. Even 5mm can make the difference between a good fit and a bad one!

Finishing Touches can always help you with your installation, because we realize that dads also need a break! Just give us the correct measurements you took while using our guide lines above, and we will install your window décor in time and on budget. It can be our little secret gift to you on Father’s day….