Tips to choose the right curtains for your home

If you don't have a talent for decorating, choosing the right curtains can be tricky, so we compiled a list of helpful tips to help you find the right curtains for your home.




Not everyone has a talent for decorating, and this article should be helpful to those looking to add a new window treatment to their home, whether it's finding the right hardware, the style of curtain, or the right fabric. We offer some tips as a guide to choosing the right curtain length for the perfect fit.



Not all windows are suitable for curtains, and in some instances you will need to look at alternative window treatments.



1. Install The Right Hardware

When installing new curtains you're going to need hardware to hang them from. Most rooms may already have a curtain rod or rail installed, but this might not accommodate your choice of window dressing. Additionally, the hardware you have fitted will determine how the curtains drape down the sides of a window.





If you're unsure about what hardware to choose for your curtains, Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse) offer a full service for blinds, shutters ad window treatments. They will be able to offer advise on the best hardware for your specific requirements.



2. Check The Length

The length of curtains is important, especially if you want to add an element of style and sophistication to a room. But not all windows and curtains are made for each other, particularly when shopping for ready-made curtains that are only available in specific widths and lengths.





A. High Windowsill

If you have a window that sits quite high above the floor and you're not sure what type of curtains to add, think cafe curtains. This type of window treatment is ideal for windows that you like to open all the time and definitely the right choice for a kitchen or dining nook.




If you want to disguise a high windowsill, consider Option C for curtain length.



B. Low Windowsill

A low windowsill can be tricky, as ready-made curtains come in a standard set of lengths. To overcome this problem, raise the curtain rail or rod higher above the top of the window to accommodate the curtain length. Alternatively, get in touch with the experts at Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse) and have them make up made-to-measure curtains for your tricky windows.



C. Rod or Rail To Floor

This curtain length is ideal for almost every room with low or high windowsills. The length from rod or rail to floor makes a window look longer and also gives a room visual height. Use this length of curtain if you want to disguise a low or high windowsill.



D. Curtains That Puddle

Depending on your style of decorating, you may want curtains that puddle on the floor beneath the window. This type of window dressing is perfect if you're looking to create a romantic or bohemian atmosphere in a specific room. If you are looking for this type of curtain length, you will either have to lower the rod or rail, or let the experts at Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse) make up made-to-measure curtains with extra length.



3. Select The Right Fabric

Fabric choice for window treatments is very important as it helps set the mood, determines how curtains will hang, and can also be used to create a casual or formal atmosphere.






Cotton is a lightweight fabric that is both casual and easy to clean. Cotton curtains can be plain or patterned in muted or bright colours. Choose cotton for a casual room setting or to introduce colour and pattern to a plain room. If you need privacy or block-out it's easy to layer your window treatment to include sheers, or fit a blind.



Linen Blends

Most linen blends are available in neutral tones that are perfect for any room setting and any decorating style. Linen has a textured weave that offers both a casual and more formal look for windows.



Velvet or Damask

Far heavier than most fabrics, velvet or damask gives a more formal and more polished feel to a room, plus they are also great for blocking out light, noise, as well as insulating a room. If you have a room that faces onto a busy street, these curtains will help reduce noise pollution.




Since sheers don't block out light, they are a great addition to one of the above fabrics as a layered treatment where more privacy is needed. These lightweight and gauzy curtains create privacy and allow in enough filtered light to give a room a bright, fresh look.

Whatever window treatment you choose, let it be determined by the mood you want to create and your decorating style. Use curtains to add, colour, pattern or texture to any room, or to add that finishing touch to your decor scheme.