Clean vertical blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds can be a mission, but there are a few tricks out there that you can use to keep your blinds dust free.


When it comes to window treatments, vertical blinds never go out of fashion and are available in a wide selection of styles to suit almost any decorating style. Easy to adjust to control the amount of light you let into a room, or set the angle of the slats for privacy without blocking out too much light, vertical blinds are an excellent option for both windows and doors.

Because Vertical Blinds are so popular, we offer a few tips on caring for and cleaning your Vertical Blinds:



The Internet is a great source of ideas for everything, including great ways to clean vertical blinds. We found ideas for making your own blind cleaner with a pair of tongues and a couple of microfibre cloths, to using an old sock for wiping down the slats of vertical blinds. Plus, you can use this method to clean vertical blinds and shutters.

In the kitchen, blinds tend to pick up grime and grease, and sometimes the easiest way to clean these is to take them down and give them a good soak in the tub. Add a cup of washing powder to the water to break down grease and rinse well. Hang them out to dry before reinstalling.

If you wipe down vertical blinds on a regular basis, it's easy to keep blinds looking good and prevent a build-up of dust and grime.