Dress up plain curtains

In this project we combine peony pink curtains with lime green tape trim to add a touch of elegance to a dining room. This designer touch elevates the entire room, and it’s such an easy change you can make to your curtains.




Decorative trim - enough for both curtain panels

Iron-on tape or decoupage webbing

Tape measure


Ironing board and towel





1. Start by measuring how far into the panel you'd like the trim to be placed. Lay the curtain on a large flat surface. Use a tape measure to determine how far into the panel you’d like to place the trim. your trim to be placed. Our tape is 4cm in from the edge.

2. Place a strip of iron-on tape along both edges of the green trim, working in about 30cm sections at a time.

GOOD TO KNOW: If your trim is wide use iron-on tape at both edges. For narrow trim you may only need one strip of tape.

3. Turn the trim over and onto the top front of the curtain panel so the iron-on tape is facing down. Use a hot iron to fuse the tape trim to the curtain panel.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are using thick trim, check that enough heat is applied to bond the trim to the curtain panel or apply more heat with the iron.

4. Once the trim is secured on the first section, turn the corner of the panel over to steam the edge to create a finished look.

5. Once the long edges are done you can move to the bottom of the curtain panel. In this project we added the tape along three edges of the panel, with a 45-degree angle corner. However, to save on tape or avoid creating a corner, simply fold the trim and tape over the edge and finish your edge.

6. To make the corner, fold the trim at a 45 degree angle and then iron the corner down with iron-on tape.

7. With a small piece of tape, iron down the excess trim. Work your way down the bottom edge of the panel until you get to your second corner and repeat this step.

Now you can work your way back up the edge of panel to the top to complete the trim! Once your trim is secured, leave your panels overnight before hanging them.