Why shutters are a great décor choice

We offer 6 good reasons why shutters are a great option for your home.



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South African interest rates are at their lowest level since 1966. This is good news for homeowners – and even better news for new entrants to the housing market. The housing market has undergone a mini renaissance of sorts since the hard lockdown, with newly qualified first-time buyers snapping up properties faster than you can say ‘bond approved’.

This resurgence in the property market has been accompanied by a renewed interest in DIY home improvements and general renovations. All those months confined to our homes has given us the time to identify and tackle the spaces crying out for redecoration or remodeling. There is no better time than the present to complete those long planned, not-yet-started home improvement projects.

Whether homeowners are looking to improve the marketability of their homes, make a capital investment, beef up security or simply enhance their living space, shutters are a great place to start.


Here are six good reasons to consider installing shutters in your home:


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1. Shutters provide protection against harmful UV rays

Offering protection against outdoor elements without compromising on style or elegance, shutters prevent furniture, flooring and other valuables from fading. And as an added bonus, shutters provide a barrier against noise, keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter.


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2. Shutters can increase the resale value of a home

Potential buyers viewing your home would see shutters as a very welcome addition. Aesthetically beautiful to look at and offering a host of practical benefits, shutters present a long-lasting solution. Shutters also enhance the overall feel of a room and can give potential buyers the sense of a modern, well looked after property – like viewing a home with a recently renovated kitchen or bathroom.


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3. Shutters provide privacy

Nosy neighbours? A street-facing room? Unfrosted glass in the bathroom? Privacy is a very important aspect of urban living, particularly for those who live in built-up areas. Fear not … shutters offer an aesthetically appealing solution to protect your privacy.


Decorland offer South African custom-made PVC, wood, and aluminium shutters at the most affordable prices, backed by up to a 10 -year warranty.



4. You can create a custom look tailored to individual tastes

From vinyl to aluminium to wood, in a wide array of colours, sizes and shapes, shutters can turn the most unsightly window or door opening into a stylish and beautiful feature.







5. Shutters add a layer of security

Offering reinforced protection from outdoor elements, aluminium security shutters create privacy without the unappealing jail block look. Durable yet conveniently modifiable to be stacked away, this option provides security while integrating into your spaces seamlessly without additional hassles.


6. Shutters offer versatility and effortless cleaning

Who doesn’t love the words ‘easy to clean and maintain’? In today’s fast-paced world, shutters require little more than a wipe to keep them looking pristine. This preserves your home’s sophisticated appearance whatever the weather. And, with warranty-backed shutters, investing in your home doesn’t have to be a gamble.

Looking for a home transformation? Achieving this modern luxury look has never been easier. Decorland has been around since 1972 and is a market leader in the window décor industry in South Africa and Africa. They offer South African custom-made PVC, wood, and aluminium shutters at the most affordable prices, backed by up to 10 year warranties. Decorland has in-house experts to assist you to make the correct choice for your home and do free in-home measurement and free quotes. You will find Decorland experts in your nearest Game store or you can go online to: https://decorland.co.za/custom-made-shutters/




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