How to hang a curtain track or rail

I was so hoping to take back my lounge, which is once again being used as a workshop. But it seems this is not going to happen. So I need to install a curtain track in the TV room to make it a more livable space. There are so many variables when it comes to putting up a curtain track and I want to share my take on the easy way to hang one.


There were previously venetian blinds on the window but the cat had a 'I'm-a-crazy-cat attack and quickly put paid to those...! This is a south-facing window, so the only time it gets direct sunlight is in the late afternoon. The blind made the room a bit on the dark side, so this time I am hanging curtains.

I've gone with a really bold orange colour - just right shade to warm up this room during the winter months. I will probably swap these out when spring pops round again.



Anyways, back to hanging the curtain track. I prefer to measure the length of the curtains rather than use a specific measurement. First off, not all curtain tracks are created equal; rails are mounted in various ways, brackets can be anywhere. Plus, it all depends on the type of mounting tape on the back of the curtain. By measuring from where the hooks will be placed I can get a fairly accurate idea of where to mount the rod - without using a calculator.

Using a tape measure to measure from where the hooks will be to the bottom of the curtain I come up with 220cm.

Using a tape measure and pencil, I now make a mark on the wall at 220cm. I make this mark all the way along the wall above the window, and use a spirit to check that the curtain track will be straight once mounted. This line will be where the bottom of the track - not the brackets - will lie once mounted.

Now you need an extra pair of hands to hold the curtain track in place, with the bottom of the track lined up with your drawn mark, while you use a pencil to mark the holes in the brackets for mounting the track. BTW... before you drill the holes wrong - throw out the plastic wall plugs that come with the curtain track - they are useless. Buy some Fischer nylon wall plugs (SX6) is a common wall plug for mounting a standard curtain track.

Now you can go ahead and drill the holes in the wall. If you look at the Fischer wall plug is actually tells you what size drill bit to use and the size of screw. I used a 6mm Alpen multi-purpose drill bit for the SX6 wall plugs.

I also used 5mm diameter screws (wood screws) that were about half a centimetre longer than the wall plugs. Not wanting to get out a screwdriver - does anyone still use those? - I extended the length of my holder by popping in a second holder to increase the length and make it easier to screw in using my drill/driver.

And there you have it. The curtain track is now firmly mounted - not wobbly or loose - and ready for any curtains. This 2,5 metre long C-track with double tracks only cost about R70 at Builder's Warehouse - far cheaper than I expected.

I was a bit worried that only a single mounting hole per bracket wouldn't be enough, but the track is firmly fastened to the wall, and the curtains are lined and are fairly heavy and it doesn't hang or pull on the mountings.