Curtain Hardware

If you're confused by the enormous range of curtain hardware available, join the club. It used to be so simple... put up the curtain track and hang the curtains. Now we have wooden poles, rods and finials, eyelet curtains, tab-top curtains, and more.


Luckily for us, the experts at Finishing Touches are on hand to guide you through the process of what you will need to give your window the treatment they deserve. You will find Finishing Touches in store at your nearest Builders Warehouse.

Selecting the perfect window treatment

When choosing a suitable window treatment decide if you want the window hardware to stand out or be invisible and merge into the backgroud. Rods and finials might be more prominent in a formal room, for instance, while a contemporary room calls for clean lines and an uncluttered look.

Select rods, finials, supports and tiebacks in a style and finish that will enhance the look of your decor, and match the hardware to the style of your draperies, and your room. Choose sturdy larger diameter rods for heavy draperies or if you're hanging sheer panels or lighter silks these will look more appropriate on thinner lighter rods.

Carved dark wood, gilt touches, and traditional shapes work well in formal, traditional, or period rooms, while wrought iron might be used in country interiors, rustic rooms, and themed rooms such as Tuscan and other rustic styles.



So let's reveal the mystery surrounding all the drapery hardware available:

Rods and Finials are offered in a huge variety of styles ranging from wood, plastic, iron, and resin. In fact the choice is so varied, it may take you longer to decide on the rods than on some of the other elements for your room! When choosing rods and finials you also have to consider the best way to support the rod and mount on the wall. Obviously you need to match your support to the style of your rod. e.g. contemporary, cottage or traditional.

Choose treatment to match the drapes

Will the curtains be tab-tops, in which case these will simply be slipped over the rod. Tab tops are very popular, and they highlight the decorative hardware used to hang them.

Have you decided on eyelet curtains? These need to be hung on slip rods in conjunction with wooden or metal rings. The rings may be finished or painted to match the pole. Metal rings and hooks are available in brass, nickel, iron, and chrome. The styles range from simple rings to ornamental designs and you will be able to select from a range of options at Finishing Touches.

Tie backs are used to keep the tiebacks for window treatments in place. For woodwork use screw-in cup hooks. For mounting on ceramic tile, use self-adhesive hooks or nylon wall plugs to secure onto a wall.

To see the full range of Finishing Touches products, pop into their store to select the right window treatments for your home.