Keep nosey neighbours out of your home

Many homeowners, especially those living in a townhouse complex or cluster development, are plagued by nosey neighbours. So how do you keep them out of your home if you don't want to layer the windows with drapes?


Adding a vinyl layer to windows also increases security and safety in a home. The vinyl film adheres to glass making it stronger.



Here's how:
1. Measure up the width of the window or glass pane that you want to cover. You need to determine how many widths of self-adhesive vinyl you need to cover the entire pane. It's easier to apply a full width and length of vinyl, rather than individual sections.

2. The glass needs to be absolutely clean and grease free. Wash the windows with soapy water, rinse and then clean again with warm, clean water to which is added some white vinegar. Wipe over the window and dry off with scrunched up newspaper or a chamois. It is better to do this on a cool day - early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not shining on the glass.

3. Peel back a strip approximately 10cm wide and fold the backing over. This strip can now be applied to the top of the glass and allows you to position the vinyl until completely level.

4. Use a rubber squeegee - or the side of your hand - to move from the centre of the vinyl strip and outwards to both sides to remove ALL air bubbles.

5. Slowly peel of the backing by pulling down on both sides while you move down and apply the vinyl - working in small strips at a time.

6. Once the vinyl has been applied, draw your design freehand - or use a stencil - onto the vinyl using a pencil. Use a sharp craft knife and a steady hand to follow the pencil guides. To remove the areas, use the craft knife to peel back a small corner and pull away from the glass.

7. Smooth down around all the edges.