Blinds Look Good and Offer a Level of Insulation to a Home

Blinds not only enhance your home decor, they are an ideal way to control privacy and light. Use blinds to complement a modern minimalist home, or as a secondary window treatment to layer your window dressing.





Limited wall space or awkward windows?

Roller blinds roll up tightly at the top of the window, allowing you to make the most of sunlight during the day. A roller blind can be fitted neatly into the window recess, providing maximum space around the window and not interfering with other window treatments.

Protect indoor furnishings?

Continuous exposure to sunlight can damage upholstered furniture and drapes, causing them to fade and lose their colour. Vertical blinds are ideal for controlling both sunlight and privacy. Vertical blinds can be opened to the left, right or split in the middle. When opened, they stack to the side of your window offering an uncluttered look. They suit very large windows. You can even consider perfect fit blinds like those from that suits plenty types of windows.

Want to control light and privacy?

The design of Venetian blinds allows you to control light and privacy in any room. You can alter the angle of the blind slats to suit the time of day, the level of light control and even the ambience of a room. And Venetian blinds allow for absolute privacy when set at an angle, or when closed.

Add a layered window treatment

A Roman blind adds elegance and style and can be designed using fabrics of your choice to enhance and layer a window treatment. When raised, the gentle folds are neat and, when lowered, the flat panel effect makes for a chic, clean window treatment.



Aluminium Venetian blinds

Light, strong and affordable, aluminium Venetian blinds are perfect for controlling light and offer modern classic style with their sleek design. Aluminium is also non-corrosive, meaning it won't rust, as it is protected by its own naturally occurring oxide film making these blinds ideal for coastal areas and perfect for bathrooms and wet rooms. Aluminium can also flex under loads or spring back from the shock increasing the durability of aluminium Venetian blind slats.



Another 'green' benefit of aluminum is that it is reflective. Installing aluminium blinds to your home can help you save money on your energy bill by keeping your home cool during the hot, summer months and adding a level of insulation during the colder months to seal warmth inside your home and can help keep your heating bill lower.

Windows are a feature in any room, but in a bedrooms it’s where sunshine lights up the room, and where cool breezes flow in when it's hot. Adding curtains or blinds allows you to highlight this feature. Think lightweight, colourful patterned or plain curtains or for something a little more modern, go for fabric roman blinds in light or harmonising colours. Ensure that the colour/s you’ve chosen for curtains or blinds complements the colour you’ve chosen for the walls. If the room is pink, opt for cream, turquoise or soft blue curtains or blinds.

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