Dropcloth or canvas curtains

Canvas is one of the most affordable and durable materials you can buy. Pop into your local Builders Warehouse and you can pick up canvas dropcloths in various sizes. Kimba at a soft place to land used dropcloths to make her own curtains at a fraction of what it would have cost to buy.


The first thing you want to do is wash and partially dry your panels to get out the big creases.

This next part is so easy. You are going to use Iron-on Bonding or Webbing. It’s my not-so-secret DIY weapon. I use it for hemming, or in this case, attaching trim to my drop cloth curtains. I found the trim [left] in the clearance section of the fabric store. Love it! All I did was use the hem tape and iron the trim right to the top edge of the drop cloth.

Hanging my new drapes was easy too. I folded over the top edge of the curtain (the edge with the trim on it) so that the trim faces into the room. Then I used my trusty ring clips to just grab the folded edge of the fabric. The pictures make more sense.

The folding over technique serves two purposes: It makes the curtains look all custom and expensive-like with the trim showing. And it lets you customise the length. If I had higher ceilings, I would have folded over less fabric. Lower ceilings gets you a bigger fold. Make sense? And that’s it! So crazy easy! The whole thing took less than an hour.

How easy was that...! Now you can easily afford to add new curtains or dress up a window with nothing more than canvas dropcloths and some decorative trim.