June is Youth Month – Own it!

Finishing Touches is helping you celebrate your youth by offering youthful and vibrant window decor trends at affordable prices. There is nothing that stops us to be our youthful self in our own homes and to make our homes as beautiful as possible.


Finishing Touches offer helpful hints to create wonderful spaces for our homes this season. See the young and upcoming home décor trends...

Jewel Tones

Window treatments in jewel tones, which range from deep reds to subtle blues, are sophisticated and create the atmosphere of luxury in any space. Jewel tones, like amethyst and turquoise, are popular mixed with soft metallic such as platinum or brushed nickel.

Let the light in

One trend that has always been and will probably always be a classic, is using window treatments that allow a lot of natural light into the room. Use simple panels of sheer fabrics or roller blinds to add warmth to the room but still let light through.

Natural Elements

Organic materials allow the opportunity to bring nature indoors. It's all about nature-inspired and eco-friendly materials and designs. It's no longer a trend, but more of a way of life in the progress of design. Bamboo blinds layered with simple sheer linen panels create an elegant yet earthy simplicity in any space. If bamboo blinds are not for you, why not consider a natural wood pole or clip on rod to add that earthy touch to your room?




It’s the Golden Age for Copper, or ‘rose gold’ as some refer to it. It’s shiny but warm. The metal is modern yet rustic, industrial-looking while retaining its organic roots. Suddenly, many homeowners seem to be crazy for copper. The simple layering of metallic draped from a classic metal rod blends beautifully with the latest colour trends.

Stainless Steel

Not just a favourite for appliances anymore, stainless steel is making its way throughout the home. To incorporate this trend into your window treatments, use stainless steel and other metallic curtain rods through simple eyelets at the top of panels to create a simple unadorned look.

New Neutrals

Charcoal and slate are the new neutrals and blend beautifully with the metallic trends. Finishing Touches has a variety of products in slate grey to add to your homes colour range. This darker neutral frames a window elegantly and adds a more sophisticated look to your room.

These trends for 2017 are sleek and elegant while definitely adding a 'notice-me' factor to any room. It brings the right amount of interest and contemporary elegance. You are the young designer — just make sure you love it.