Install Venetian Blinds for light control and privacy

Installing Venetian blinds as a window treatment in the home allows you to control light and privacy.


If you need to have light control in rooms, or ensure that you have privacy, Venetian blinds should definitely be considered as a window treatment.

Nowadays there are all different types of blinds that can be installed on windows, but Venetian blinds offer the easiest way to adjust and control light and privacy, whether you decorating style is cottage farmhouse or modern chic, you are sure to find a venetian blind to finish off any room. With Venetian blinds you can select from a variety of colours and materials, from aluminium or PVC.

What is a Venetian blind?

Dating as far back as over four hundred years ago, Venetian blinds acquired their name from the fact that they originated in Venice and were used as an alternative to curtains or shutters. From the 19th century onwards, Venetian blinds were commonly installed in commercial and office buildings to regulate air flow and control light.





Modern Venetian blinds are constructed using horizontal slats that are linked together with a string design that allows for adjusting the angle of the slats. The pull cords on a Venetian blind let you lift and lower the blinds, as and when required. The slats used on Venetian blinds are usually plastic or aluminium.



How does a Venetian blind control light?

Once mounted over a window, Venetian blinds still offer the easiest way to control the amount of light that enters a room. Simply by adjusting the angle of the slats, you can limit or increase the amount of natural light.

Consider Venetian blinds if you work nights and struggle to sleep during the day. A combination of Venetian blinds and curtains serve as a blockout, without having to purchase blockout fabric to add to windows, or have a blockout backing added to your curtains.

How does a Venetian blind provide privacy?

As you adjust the angle of the slats you also control the amount of privacy. Venetian blinds have a very similar design to that of shutters but with more flexibility. Opening and closing the blinds gives you the required amount of privacy. Venetian blinds are an excellent window treatment if you home is overlooked by other properties, or you have passersby that can see into your home - without limiting natural light into a room.







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