Quick Project: Detail for plain window frames

Here's an easy DIY way to add architectural detail to a plain window by installing a cornice around the frames. A window cornice is also a great way to hide curtain rails or mountings for blinds.


Use a cornice trim to disguise curtain rails or mounting mechanism for blinds.








Timber or board to make a frame

Assorted moulding and trim

Wood glue

Wood filler

Paint and supplies to finish




Pneumatic brad nailer or hammer and panel pins

Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need for this project at Builders Warehouse.







To determine the size for the cornice trim, measure the outside width and depth - and preferred height - for the frame to support the moulding and trim. Take into consideration the total width of any curtain rail if you want to cover this up.





Make the frame that will support the moulding and trim that you will be adding to build up the design.





You can use wood glue and a pneumatic brad nailer - or hammer and panel pins - to secure the moulding and trim onto the wood frame.



Priced from around R549 for the AirCraft brad nailer, once you've used a pneumatic tool you won't want to use anything else!



Continue to add detailed moulding and trim until you are satisfied with the finished design. Your local hardware store should have a selection of styles to choose from, or research online for suppliers of polystyrene or timber moulding.





Use wood filler to cover up any holes or panel pins before painting the window trim in your choice of colour.