Ideas to Hang Curtains without a Curtain Rod or Curtain Rail

This article is aimed at those renting a home and wanting to add a window treatment without drilling into walls, although it will appeal to other readers as well.




When you want to hang a window treatment or install Roman or fabric blinds, you need a curtain rod or curtain pole. But there are other alternatives, ones that allow you to mount a window treatment without having to drill into walls, and are especially useful if you stay in a rental home and the landlord prohibits any type of damage to walls, says Keyrenter Hampton Roads PM Team.



What are Window Treatments?

What many refer to as window treatments covers a wide selection of design elements that can be used to dress windows. This includes curtains of all types, heavy drapes, shutters and assorted blinds. Window treatments are considered as a finishing touch for windows in the home, adding colour, texture and pattern to every room where they are installed. But more than that, window treatments can be used to provide privacy, insulate a home and keep out damaging UV light.



The majority of window treatments require some form of fitting to be installed above, around or inside a window frame. This is usually a curtain rod or pole or curtain rail. These allow for easy hanging of various window treatments.







Mounting a Window Treatment



Curtain Rods or Poles come in a variety of finishes and design styles.



• Using Curtain Rod, Pole and Rails

Considered a permanent fixture in any house, curtain rods, poles or curtain rails are installed to provide a place to hang or fit a suitable window treatment. There are plenty of design options to choose from when selecting rods or poles, and curtain rails are available in several configurations that range from a single track to a double track.



Curtain Rails or Tracks can be purchased in different combinations and styles for single or double-layer window treatments.




• Mounting Window Treatments without a Curtain Rod, Pole or Rails

Not every window is fitted with a curtain rod, pole or curtain track, whether this is intentional or overlooked. It is under these circumstances that you may want to hang a window treatment without the necessity of drilling into walls. This is particularly relevant in a rental home where the landlord prohibits any type of damage to walls. So, if you can't drill into walls, how are you supposed to hang window treatments?




In a narrow room, you can fit a curtain rod between side walls for a window treatment that fully covers a window.



Adjustable tension rods are available in various - adjustable - lengths to fit almost any size of window and require zero installation other than slotting into position.




The solution is very simple, you can use an Adjustable Tension Rod or Velcro Hook & Loop Tape. Both products are available locally and the former, Adjustable Tension Rod, is available in various lengths and designs. You will find both options at Builders or larger hardware stores and they are quick and easy to install.







Velcro Hook & Loop Tape is the perfect solution for installing a window treatment without the need to drill into walls.





How to Install a Tension Rod

There is nothing complicated about installing a tension rod, whether it is for blinds, curtains or a bathroom shower curtain. All you need to do is source an adjustable tension rod to accommodate the width of the window. Tension rods are available to adjust or stretch out to various lengths up to 2 metres wide. You can select from various designs in metal or painted finish.





Once you have purchased the correct length, it is simply a matter of twisting the rod out while fitting it into the window opening (inside frame) from wall-to-wall and then tightening to secure it in place. As easy as that. After installing the curtain rod, you can hang fabric blinds, curtains or voile, to cover up and dress the window.





With an adjustable tension rod, you can easily dress windows for privacy, decoration or sun protection. An adjustable tension rod retails from around R200 upwards, depending on the length.






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