Window treatments for French doors

French doors are a wonderful alternative to sliding doors as a way to easily access an outdoor patio, or to walk into the garden. But how do you dress French doors?


French doors are a wonderful way to access the outdoors, and a more stylish alternative to a sliding door. There's something grand about French doors and they have a way of making a room feel more open and airy. While you want French doors to be a feature in a room, you don't want to overpower them with window treatments, and when dressing French doors, less is definitely best - especially when layered to provide privacy or block out sunlight.

Window treatments for a French door shouldn't be boring or bland. These doors are meant to be a feature in any room and adding a layered window treatment to these doors keeps it simple without compromising on privacy or being able to block out sunlight, and without hiding French doors behind bulky blinds or thick curtains.

Roman blinds are perfectly paired with French doors. Not only can you raise and lower Roman blinds as and when required, these have the perfect level of embellishment - not too girly, but just enough to ensure your French doors remain an attractive and eye-catching feature.

My favourite place to shop for window treatments (when I'm not making my own) is at Finishing Touches inside Builders Warehouse. At Finishing Touches you will be able to see the variety of rods, poles and finials they offer, as well as finishing touches if you want to add tie back. Plus, at Finishing Touches you can have Roman blinds made to measure in a wide selection of trendy fabrics. That means you can design the perfect window treatment for French doors, whether it's curtains to hang at the sides of the doors, or blinds to give you the privacy you need.



If you're not sure what window treatment will work best on a French door, the most popular options are tab-top or eyelet curtains. These window treatments aren't too bulky and dressy but perfectly complement elegant French doors.

Of course, if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, you can select a pleated curtain mounted on a slimline track above the door frame.

If you're not a fan of flounces and frills, you can't go wrong with simple Roman blinds as a window dressing for French doors. With Roman blinds you get to choose a fabric that complements your existing room decor and without being too fussy, yet providing an elegant way to have privacy and light control.

And finally, if you prefer a more casual and relaxed way to dress French doors, consider using grass or bamboo blinds either fitted above or on the frame of your French doors.