Tips for Hanging Curtains

If you are decorating a new home or giving an old home a makeover, you will want to hang curtains to finish off the room decor - and we have tips on how to hang curtains perfectly - the first time.





Every room in a home needs the perfect window treatment, whether it is the fall of curtains to frame a window, the modern design of blinds or shutters, or the beautiful pattern of fabric blinds. A window treatment is considered the finishing touch of any interior design and we show you how to hang curtains to perfectly complement your room decor.

Buying a new house, redecorating your existing home, or perhaps you just want a brand new window treatment for your home, whatever the case, you are going to want to hang the perfect window treatment. Follow the steps below to hang a beautiful set of curtains on the window.


If you are in the process of buying a new house, think about your options for window treatments so that the fittings can be pre-installed before you move in.




How to Hang Curtains



Hanging curtains might not seem like a difficult task for many, but if you have never done it before it can be confusing. How many curtain drops do you need? How high should the curtain rail or rod be mounted? And so on. There are several factors to keep in mind when installing curtains as a window treatment in a room.




Making the Right Choice

When you decide to install a window treatment, the first thing you need to do is to decide upon the type of window treatment you want. There are several options open to you, and you need to decide which one will be best for a particular room. In this article, we look at hanging curtains, from putting up a curtain rail or rod to hanging the curtains.


The first step in installing a window treatment is to choose the best option for a particular window.





Determining the Measurements



Once you have selected the perfect window treatment for all the rooms in your house, the next thing you need to do is measure up. It is important to obtain accurate measurements of the width and height of the window. With the measurements in hand, you can go shopping, browse online for options, or have custom curtains made up in your choice of fabric.


To ensure that curtains hang just right, keep in mind that for a full curtain you should double the amount of fabric required. For example, if the window is 1-metre wide, purchase 2-metres wide curtains or fabric, or 3-metres for even more fullness.







Increasing the height of the curtain rail or rod might be great for rooms with low ceilings, but make sure you can still buy readymade curtains and not have to have custom curtains made up.





When purchasing curtains for a specific window, double the actual width of the window so that the curtains will fall and drape nicely at either side of the window frame.



The height of the curtain rod or rail should allow for standard curtain measurements. Not all curtains are the same length and there are two common lengths for curtains, being 115cm and 120cm. If you have an existing curtain rod or rail, factor this into the equation so that you buy the right length of curtains. Curtains that are too long can easily be turned up, but curtains that are too short cannot be altered.

If you don't already have a curtain rod or rail, read on below for tips on mounting this.





Installing a Curtain Rod or Rail


There are many different types of curtain rails or rods, or even curtain tracks. Some only allow for a single curtain set to be mounted while others allow for 2 to 3 layers of curtains. Before deciding on the rod or rail, decide on the type of window treatment you want for the room. A single layer will frame the window but offer little privacy, while a 2-layer window treatment will also allow you to hang sheers for privacy.


Use a tape measure to determine the height that you want to mount the curtain rail or rod, taking into consideration the length of the curtains you want to buy. Don't forget to factor in the type of curtain header as this will also affect the hanging length. Eyelet curtains will hang much higher than tab-top curtains, and that's why it is important to know the type of curtain you will be installing before you mount the curtain rod or rail.







As a rule of thumb when hanging curtains, allow an extra 200 to 300mm on either side of the window so that the curtains drape nicely and create a fuller look when closed. This will also determine the length of the curtain rod or rail that you need.





If you want to make installing a curtain rail or rod easier, make a cardboard template that can be used to install all your curtain rods of rails, and cut down on the time spent measuring up and determining the mounting height.





Using a cardboard template to mark the mounting height for the curtain rod or rail makes it easier and quicker. Use a right-angle ruler to cut straight lines to create a template similar to the one shown above. Use the template to mark at either side of the window where the rod, rail or track will be installed.



Double-check the measurement for installing the curtain rod, rail or track by using a spirit level to ensure everything is straight and level.





Mounting the Curtain Rod, Rail or Track



With marks for mounting the curtain rod, track or rail already marked on the wall, you can drill the holes for mounting. In my experience, the fittings that are normally included for curtain hardware are not that great and you might want to replace them with nylon wall plugs or Rawlplug fittings (Uno). By replacing the cheap plastic with a quality wall plug, you can be assured that the curtain track won't fall off the wall when you add the curtains!





If you are installing a long rail, it is recommended that you add an additional hanger at the centre of the window frame.





Foresight is better than hindsight. Use a spirit level to double-check the marks for installing the rail, rod or track BEFORE you drill holes.





Follow the easy steps above to install your new curtain fittings and curtains. Now you have a gorgeous finishing touch for any room. 



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