How to Choose the Right Blind Design for Every Room

To discover how to select the right blind design for each room in your home, you should know the various types of blinds.





Today blinds come in stunning floral, textured, or plain colored materials. They are highly functional, fashionable, and transform rooms. Depending on your style, privacy, and lighting needs, you can beautify your home or office with blinds from a wide selection of charming blinds.

To learn how to select the right blind design for each room in your home, knowing the various types of blinds points you in the right direction.


3 Types of blinds

Experts from companies like Blind Guys describe the types of blinds as a window covering that adds a sense of style to your home.


1. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have vertical slats that allow you to control the light penetration and privacy of a room. Vertical blinds come in lightweight yet durable materials like PVC, faux wood, and fabric. They are an ideal choice for large windows and patio doors that have sliding glass.


2. Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds or roller blinds have horizontal slats attached to a roller. They come in a range of different colors and materials.


3. Panel Track blinds

Panel Track blinds are composed of large fabric panels that portray height and sophisticated elegance in a room. They come in varying colors and are ideal for covering large windows, patio doors, and sliding doors.



How to Selecting the Right Blind Design for Every Room


When considering the blind design to decorate a room, think of the following guidelines:


• Determine the Room Needs

Do your windows allow bright light in the morning, or is their position away from direct sunlight? Do you want to see the outdoors or have more privacy? Is the room designed for a child? These essential questions will assist you in selecting the fitting blind design for the room.


• Consider the Shape and Size of your Window

Whatever the shape of your window, measure it carefully before purchasing any blind. The selected blind should have the right fit to cover your window shape and size.


• Consider the Material

The choice of blind material varies and depends on the needs of the room. For wet areas in bathrooms and the kitchen, PVC or faux blinds are the best fit for these rooms. The blind materials resist water, humidity, and moisture and are easy to clean. Fabric blinds are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and create beautiful living spaces.


• Choose the Right Color

If your focal point is the room windows, consider bold-colored blinds that bring attention to the windows and accent other décor items in the room. To create an illusion of spaciousness for a small space, neutral and pastel color blinds are the best fit.



Suggestions for Every Room


• Bedroom Blinds

For the bedroom consider blinds that block out light, especially for windows positioned to let in bright light in the morning. However, if the blind is for a child's bedroom, consider having cordless zebra blinds. Select cordless horizontal or zebra blinds, to remove the danger to your child.


• Living Room Blinds

Determine the amount of light and privacy for your living room. Do you want the color of the blinds to complement or contrast the sofas in your living room? If your living room has large windows, select vertical blinds or panel track blinds.


• Bathroom and Kitchen Blinds

Consider blinds that allow privacy, are easy to clean and are water-resistant. Horizontal aluminum blinds and fabric blinds that are easy to clean and roll up and away from the kitchen sink or cooking area are ideal for the kitchen.



Take Away

To get a blind that best fits each room, consider the blind material, the window size, the blind color, and the room needs. Above all, consider your décor preferences for creating relaxing, stylish, and appealing rooms in your home.




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