Make your own curtain tiebacks

Love the idea of making my own curtain tiebacks with items that can be found at your local Builders Warehouse - and that won't cost much either. These curtain tiebacks are made using hardware, copper pipe and rope.


Thick rope
2 wall-mounting rings
4 j-bolts
4 copper caps
Length of copper pipe
2 couplings
8 nuts
Rust-Oleum universal oil-rubber bronze spray paint




You might not be able to find exactly the same fittings at your local store, but you can easily work around the problem with suitable items. You need to make up four hook ends that look like the one shown left.

For mounting onto the wall you might not find exactly the same ring hook, but anything similar will do the trick. Also take a look in the handles/knobs section of your local store, as I have seen handles that look very similar to this design.

Use epoxy adhesive to glue the ends of the rope inside the copper tubing. This dries completely in under 20 minutes, so you won't have long to wait.

In hindsight, the tieback hook ends should be painted before inserting the rope. If you also forget (!), wrap masking tape around the rope before you spray with Rust-Oleum Universal oil-rubbed bronze. Now your tiebacks are ready for mounting onto the wall.

Inspired by Restoration Hardware