Easy curtain designs

If you're looking to add some pizzazz to plain curtains, add easy embellishments.


Button Burst

Fun and whimsical, this unique look is simple to duplicate. All you need are a handful of buttons and some creativity.




Arrange buttons in a pattern.
Use fabric glue to affix buttons.
Lay flat to dry.

Ribbon Masterpiece

It's never been simpler to take an existing window panel and make it fabulous. If you are new to do-it-yourself projects, this embellished window treatment idea is perfect for you.


Purchase three colours and widths of ribbon

Cut large ribbon to 20cm, second to 15cm, small to 10cm.

Iron all ribbon in half.

Line up together, pin and sew a quick stitch at top to secure.

Draw a line across where embellishment is desired.

Pin ribbon blocks in place. Stitch across the length of theĀ  ribbon to secure it to the panel (you can also use iron-on adhesive to make this a no-sew project).

Branching Out

Achieve a designer look at the fraction of the price with this creative design. Search your local fabric store for discount fabric that can be used to create window panels. Then put your creativity to the test by sketching out a leafy design that fits your style.


For one large branch, trace out pattern with white chalk.

Make three size leaves on card stock; cut out pattern.

Trace the leaves on the branch pattern.

Using acrylic or fabric paint, hand-paint branch and leaves.

Let dry. Use a cloth to wipe off excess chalk.

Trim and Ribbon

You can take any pair of plain drapes and dress them up in a few easy steps. Because the panels are embellished only in thin stripes, the more detail the better. We chose to use several types of ribbon, buttons, and beaded trim for our treatment, but the list of embellishments is endless.


Plan an arrangement of layers.

Measure and draw a line across the panel for beaded trim.

Continue to add the layers above and below centre ribbon.

Use an iron-on adhesive for the ribbon and flat trims. Use fabric glue for smaller and irregular shaped trims.

To complete the look, glue on buttons.

Sheer Elegance

Romanticise any room with this bold drapery that beckons the princess inside us all. A pretty two-tone effect adds visual interest but does not take away from the beautiful delicacy of the detailing in the sheers.


Make a cut at the top of the sheer, tear (do not cut across).

Fold over and iron, repeat.

Sew seam.

Fold sides over (twice) and iron and sew.

Sew the top of the sheer to the top of the panel.

Cut length 5cm longer than panel; iron, fold and hem.

Finish off with a diamond belt clip.