Celebrate being a Woman

August is Women’s month and what a better time to celebrate being a woman. Being a Wife, Mother, Sister or Daughter really offers so many joys and pleasures to life. One of the most exciting things about being a woman is to express yourself in your own space. It is just a 'Woman' thing and you know exactly how to add the softer touch to a home.


At Finishing Touches we believe when we love our homes, it inspires our life! Your home gives you more passion and energy for everything else in your life, even when your home is not 100% perfect. Finishing Touches caters for every single trend and personal likes with our wide variety of products. Put your stamp down with perfect window décor for every room in your home.



― Johnny Depp

Current trendy products with a womanly trace is our 28mm Designer Pole range. We have different designer styles like the Crystal pole with a fancy flair, Grecian pole with an earthy and historical undertone or the Elegant twist pole and Sphere pole which is definitely a window décor classic. Together with all these pole sets, Finishing Touches also offers a matching tie back for every style just to end of the window decor perfectly.

Finishing Touches wants to help you express your gift of womanhood. Visit your nearest Builders Warehouse store to see our wide variety of products – our helpful and friendly sales experts are waiting for you!