The convenience of buying blinds online from Blinds Direct

Buy blinds right now from the convenience of your home or office. No more waiting around for someone to come to your home and measure up while you hold your fire for a quote. Buying blinds used to be tough, but not anymore - now you can buy blinds online from


Visit to select the type of blind you require, decide on the finish, choose the option to have your blinds installed inside or outside the window frame, select the width/drop and then click calculate. Easy peasy lemon sqeezy. This is especially useful for busy moms, people that are home-bound, or simply in times of inclement weather.



For those that require additional support we have trained team ready to provide expert advice and courteous service. Available telephonically, online chat and via email to assist with any query no matter how small or silly the question might seem.
We are so committed to our clients we even stock a full range of spares and DIY articles for those that either want to customise their blinds or just repair their blinds. You’ll feel like a pro in no time.

Our range of offerings is so exciting we even have outdoor sails, shades and printed blinds in either roller or vertical types. Printed blinds are an absolute must if you want to add that special touch to either your kids room, bar or even work place.

Shade Sails are unique and stylish geometric-designed shade solutions that extend your outdoor living space and modernise your home’s aesthetics. Our ranges of ready-to-hang shade sails come with ropes attached and are so simple to install anywhere. For those that want a more permanent shade solution for your outdoor space we have the Extreme Shade Sail range.

Blinds Direct is South Africa’s first made to measure online blind store in South Africa offering great value and unparalleled service. Try us today and then let your friends and family know how you did it yourself and saved.