Winter window treatments

It's that time of year again when you need to look at ways to keep your home warm, especially if load shedding affects your region. Here are some handy tips and tricks for window treatments that will also warm up a home.

When winter chills start blowing you want to make sure your home is snug and warm, and with load shedding looming over out heads this year - winter will no definitely be a cold one. There are many ways to use window treatments to up the insulation factor in  home and we put together some ideas to help you have a warm home this winter. 

Thin fabrics, nets or sheers might be just the thing for summer, but in winter you need fabrics that are thick enough to block out draughts. You can use fabric blinds to add a layer of insulation, but nothing beats a thick layer or two of fabric hung above the window to puddle on the floor to keep a room comfortable and ensure heat doesn't escape and cold chills stay outside. 

Hanging window treatment is one more way to introduce colour, pattern and texture into a room and we offer plenty of advice here on Home-Dzine for making your own affordable window treatments.



If your home doesn't already have any for of insulation, or you find that rooms are cold in the winter months, adding extra fabric insulation to window treatments will cut down on how much you spend on heating a home and keep you and your family cosy.

Too many homeowners worry about what window treatments work best for different windows, but simplicity is sometimes the best route to take. Keep window treatment simple and use colours already in the room to avoid overpowering the eye.

You will find various poles, rails and rods at your local Builders, as well as all the accessories required for mounting different types of window treatments. You will also find helpful tips and tricks in our Decor Section - Window Treatments here on Home-Dzine.

When using as to heat a home remember that you still require air circulation, due to the toxic nature of gas heater emissions.