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If you are looking for window treatments that offer beauty and style but don't have a lot to spend, take a look at what Decorland suggest for waking up your interiors.




We have all heard the word lockdown more than a few times, and the lockdown has most definitely made all of us look a little more closely at our homes. With consumer spending on an increase as homeowners look to obtaining funds for much-needed home improvements, do-it-yourself and home makeovers or renovations are currently a hot topic and it doesn't look like this is going away any time soon.

But even with this increased interest, we are still budget conscious and looking for beauty and style without breaking the bank.

Don’t despair - there is a glimmer of hope if you find yourself miserably paging through decorating magazines and glumly gazing at home improvement TV programmes wondering how all of this is possible with limited resources. While you might only have a limited budget to spend on your home, that does not necessarily mean that you have to put your decorating dreams on hold.


Anyone wanting to give their home an amazing makeover without spending a fortune can be done with some clever decorating tricks, and design experts recommend using some clever and cost-effective additions. It doesn't even have to be a major change since something as simple as installing new window treatments can give any room a whole new look and feel. And the right advice on window décor can point you towards the right product at the right price, turning an expensive exercise into a budget-beating bonanza!


Always stylish and practical, window blinds are ideal for any room in a home.


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Today, blinds are viewed as a valued home improvement rather than a simple design expense. The practicality, functionality and sheer versatility of window blinds as a traditional or modern twist on window treatments provide a dazzling array of possibilities for even the most discerning homeowner.

Always stylish and practical, window blinds - and that includes almost any type of blind - are not only ideal for anyone who is seeking a new look, but blinds also have a number of extremely useful features that you might want to consider for your home.







Protect your furniture and carpets or laminate flooring by installing window blinds to block or filter direct sunlight.


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Playing It Cool

Not only do blinds restrict direct sunlight that you don't want entering your home, but they also assist to regulate the temperature, especially in the hotter months of the year. During winter, blinds create a cosy interior and reduce energy costs by trapping heat inside your living area.

From roller blinds that completely block out direct sunlight to Venetian blinds that can be adjusted to block out harsh UV rays while letting in just enough light for day-to-day activities, variety is truly the spice of life!

Not only do blinds assist in protecting your furniture from bleaching and fading, but they can also be adjusted to block out harmful direct sunlight.


Venetian blinds let you relax in complete privacy in your home.


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Protect Your Privacy

Window blinds are not only great for light control in your home, they also provide a decorative barrier against nosey neighbours and passersby. No one will be able to see the interior of your home, adding a level of safety and security for you and your family.







Select a blind type that offers easy maintenance and longevity.


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Effortless Maintenance

One of the most popular aspects of window blinds is that they are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Most blinds only need an occasional wipe with a soft damp cloth to remove dust.

If low-maintenance is what you need and long-lasting is a firm requirement, consider blinds made from wood or aluminium. These types of blinds are long-lasting and won't need replacing until you feel like a change.

Since 1972, Decorland has been leading the market for window treatments in South Africa and Africa. Their primary focus is on practical and elegant design and the manufacture of custom and ready-made window blinds, curtain rails and rods and accessories.

Decorland offers a varied selection of ready-to-install bamboo, roller, and Venetians blinds, as well as a wide scope of curtain and window treatment accessories. And keep in mind that if you can’t find your particular size in store, Decorland will trim ready-made blinds to the required size, in-store, from only R75.


Choose a blind that complements your home and your specifications.


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Decorland products are sold through the Decorland departments within Game stores throughout Africa and online at decorland.co.za.





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