How to Make Inexpensive Curtains Look Stylish

We can't all afford to have custom curtains in our homes, but there are plenty of tricks to make inexpensive curtains look a little more stylish.






Window treatments, and curtains, in particular, play an important role when decorating a home. Such a simple element in a room and yet they can be used to introduce colour, pattern, or texture in a space that is lacking any of these attributes. Many homeowners opt for ready-made curtain solutions that can be found in home decor stores or online shopping sites but, in many cases, these options leave plenty to be desired.







Ready-made curtains are mass-produced to meet the ongoing demand for an easy solution to privacy and light control, and other than colour and texture, they do little to bring a sense of glamour or style into play. This is where using a few designer tricks can make a big difference in making inexpensive and rather plain curtains into an eye-catching feature or a focal point if a room needs it.



So, how would you dress up plain curtains to make them look stylish and more expensive? Hopefully, the following tricks will assist you in this process:





Install quality curtain hardware

While the right curtains will finish off a room, this wouldn't be the case if you did not invest in quality hardware to support them. A pine rod on a couple of brackets might be okay for a TV room or children's bedroom but is not such a great look for a living, dining, or bedroom. These rooms require a little quality and a classic hanging rail always looks stylish, adding to the look you want to achieve for a window treatment.





Make The Right Choice

You can only make any window treatment look great by selecting the right one. Buying the right curtains for a particular window in any room is the first step. Curtains need to fit a window properly, both from side to side and top to bottom. There is nothing worse than curtains that hang limply on either side of a window.







While budget might be the deciding factor on the type and style of curtains for a particular window, don't make the decision just to save yourself a few Rands. Cheaper isn't necessarily always better and spending just a little more on the right curtains is well worth it when you hang them up at home and they look perfect. Unless you are intentionally going for the wispy look, a thicker-weave fabric will be far more durable than thin cotton, and the added benefit of a lining will further extend the lifespan of a great set of curtains.



Linen, cotton-linen mix, medium-weight cotton and cotton weave give curtains a high-end look and hang beautifully when mounted on the right hardware.





If you specifically want a window treatment that is informal with a touch of class, opt for a pencil pleat heading for hanging curtains onto quality curtain hardware.





The Perfect Topping

With all the different curtain hanging types it can be difficult to select the right one. There is truly only one classic style when it comes to a stylish window treatment and that is the pencil pleat. Forget about tab-tops or eyelet curtains, ditch the stretchy elastic, and settle down with an enduring style that will always be popular and won't leave your curtains hanging.




Curtains with a pencil pleat heading (topper) bring order to a set of curtains and define how they hang, both open and closed. The firm pleats along the top of a curtain will not sag or leave open gaps and, even though you may require an additional curtain for the extra width, will give a window a full, finished look at is both stylish and elegant. And don't be confused with pinch pleats, as these require even more curtain width than pencil pleats.




Finishing Touches Matter

Most interior decorators consider tie-backs to be old-fashioned and out of style but they are practical and have the ability to bring a relaxed feeling to an overall informal setting and that doesn't even include the fact that using tie-backs opens up a window to allow more light into a room. It is up to you... Love 'em or leave 'em!






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