How to make a Roman blind

Roman blinds are perfect for both small and large window treatments. You can make your own Roman blinds in any colour or fabric pattern, to match your existing room decor. Here's how to make a Roman blind...


nikki designs

Start off by measuring your window accurately.  Using a metal tape measure, measure the width and then the length in a few places.  Record the smallest number for each.  Your finished width will end up 5mm less than this measurement, which is what you want for an inside mount.

With right sides together, stitch blind to lining at sides, with 12mm seam allowance. Press seam allowances towards the lining. Turn right side out, centre lining and press. Square off the bottom, trim, and press 50mm to wrong side. Press edge again and top-stitch close to fold.



Mark horizontal lines lightly with a pencil on wrong side.  These lines should start 60mm  from the bottom of the shade and be spaced 150mm apart. Pin pleats (as shown above) along pencil lines and sew 10mm from fold.  Press pleats towards top of blind. Or you can use roman blind tape and stitch it where you have drawn your horizontal lines. Measure the finished length  and mark with pins.  Press this line to wrong side. 

Measure 20mm and cut off excess.  Pin female (soft side) of velcro to wrong side at top, covering the raw edges of the blind fabric.  Sew close to both edges of velcro.

To make the headrail you can use 22 x 44mm pine, with the skinnier side facing forward. Cut the pine 5mm less than width of window. Staple male velcro to the front of the board. Mark positions of the cord lock (if using), and screw eyes. Drill holes and screw into place. The outside screw eyes should be about 50mm in from the sides.

A nice idea to hide the board is to cover in muslin.

Cut 6mm dowels 20mm less than the blind width. Insert into pockets. Mark vertical points, using the screw eyes on the head rail as a guide. Attach ring clips or hand sew on rings with strong thread.