How to Pick the Right Color for your Window Blinds

It is important to select the right style of blind with the right set of colors for your room.




Window blinds are one of the best choices if you are looking for house decoration. They add a nice touch to your room and can help maintain privacy, light control, and other important stuff. You need to get the right blind with the right set of colors for your room.

Each color has its own unique identity. Every color will set a different mood and tone for your room, so it’s important to get the color that works for you. But you need to plan things and decide what mood and tonal qualities you want to set for your room.
You can choose any kind of window blind for your room. Pick the style you like, and we will guide you to help you get the best colored window blinds. But first, let’s learn a bit about window blinds –


Why Window Blinds?

Cost: One of the most important reasons that you should go for windows blinds is that it is quite affordable. It’s cheaper than fabric window treatments.

Light Control: Unlike curtains, window blinds allow you to control the amount of light you want for your room in a much better way.

Privacy Control: There are many different types of window blinds you can pick, keeping privacy control in mind.

Maintenance: Window blinds are of easy maintenance.


Types of Blinds You can Choose From

Motorized Wooden Blinds: You can get a Remote controlled mechanism to smoothly and conveniently operate them.

Vertical Blinds: They cover a variety of material options, including Vinyl or PVC. They can easily cover large sliding doors and windows.

Blackout Blinds: If you want to keep your bedroom dark – you can try them. These blinds can protect you from UV rays and keep your room dust-free.

Now let’s get back to picking the right color for your room. Consider the following factors before purchasing Window blinds.


1. Wall Color

One of the most important factors you need to consider while buying Window blinds is getting a blind that matches your wall color. You can go for the Tone-On-Tone look so that it matches the tone of your room. Going a few shades lighter than your wall color is also an option here. It would give you a light and fresh look for your room.

Choosing a contrasting color can help you make a statement for your room. This can give your room a classic touch. You can use neutrals as well as solid colors for this job. A pair of bold colors with a neutral layer will give a strong touch.


2. Window Trim or Molding

Matching your Blind shades and colors with the Window trim you have is another way you can get the perfect Blind color for your windows. Generally, Window trims have white shades, going wrong with the neutral color set is not an option here so that it doesn’t clash with other decor.

Choosing the right white for your room might get difficult. There are different shades and tones of white, so order a few samples and check which one goes best for your room. You can select from a warm to cool range of tones. Do keep your room’s lighting conditions in mind.


3. Flooring and Other Features

Be it a carpet, a wooden tone or cabinets, flooring, and other existing features in your room plays a major role in selecting the right color for your window blinds. You can bring woven wooden shades, wood blinds, wood shutters, or faux blinds in case you want to keep that wooden tone alive in your room.

For fabric treatments, you can match your windows with accessories like pillows, blankets, tables, books, or chairs. Beautiful roman shades, roller shades, and forms of drapery are good options here.


4. Room Size

Your room size has a lot to say in picking up the right color for your window blinds. If you have a smaller size, choosing lighter colors or shades would be smarter. It can help your space look bigger and brighter. Choosing dark or heavy shades are not options here – they can make your room look smaller and duller.

But if you have a bigger space and a lot of windows to allow a lot of lights to enter through – you can go for the darker shades. It can add a lot of depth and make your room look cozier. Consider how close you want to keep the blinds if you have large window panes or sliding doors it can change the tone and mood of your room.


5. Blind Materials

The blind material you are interested in purchasing has a lot to say about which color you should choose. Like the wooden blinds available in the market are quite stained and can give you a natural look. You can get a lot of options if you go for the wooden blinds – white, oak, maple or mahogany looks, and a lot more.

In the same way, if you go for aluminum blinds, you can get colors ranging from bold hues, solid blacks to light-colored neutrals.

If you are choosing blinds made of materials like PVC, you can order sandy, pebbled, and lined textures for your windows.


6. Light Control

Light controlling has a big role to play in picking blind colors and shades for your windows. You can choose dark tones for the blinds if you want to get a darker room for you to sleep and relax in. Darker shades can also give you protection from UV rays.
Choosing blackout blinds, in this case, is the best option. Styles made of faux wood, PVC, and similar fabric materials can work in this case. Now, if you want a brighter room, go for the lighter and softer tones or shades.


Here are some popular colors you can pick from for your window blinds:

    ● Romantic vibes with red
    ● Soothing orange Tone
    ● Happy yellow tones
    ● Fresh green tones
    ● Blue tones with soothing vibes
    ● Purple for a royal look




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