Let The Sun Shine In

Before you close the blinds everyday, you might want to know that studies reveal that sunlight kills dust-borne bacteria.


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Before you close the blinds everyday, you might want to know that studies reveal that sunlight kills dust-borne bacteria and leaving your blinds open could be healthy, particularly if you suffer from allergies or respiratory disease.

Blinds are a great addition to windows where you are overlooked by neighbours, when the inside of the home is visible from the street, or where you just want a bit of extra privacy. Vertical blinds are also the perfect window treatment if you need to control the amount of light that enters a room, especially if you have upholstered furniture or wooden pieces that can be bleached by sunlight.





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Studies undertaken in 2018 at the University of Oregon reveal that bacteria found in dust particles in the home are at a higher level in a dark environment, as opposed to those subjected to daylight and UV light. The controlled study set up three different climate-controlled rooms; each room was set at a different lighting level; from dark, visible light and UV light. The idea behind the study was to note the affect of sunlight on the amount of bacteria in each separate room and how this bacteria was affected by varying levels of natural light.

The study revealed that bacteria thrived and multiplied in the darker environment to a level almost double that of the other rooms set at visible and UV light. Another fact revealed by the study showed that bacteria that is closely related to respiratory diseases was found to a high degree in the darker room.


The outcome of the 2010 study is that, bacteria thrives in a dark environment, while a room with plenty of natural sunlight is healthy for you and your home, particularly if anyone in the family suffers from respiratory or related ailments.





Installing vertical blinds lets you control the amount of light in any room, without loss of privacy, and the slats can be angled in such as way as to still offer protection for your valuable possessions without completely blocking out sunlight.

While more study is needed, it goes to show that your ancestors were correct in assuming that daylight was healthy for body and home.



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