Elegant, stylish and affordable drapes

Linen and cotton can be used to make the most elegant curtains and drapes for a home and won't cost you a fortune. Additionally, cotton and linen are natural materials that will outperform many synthetic fabrics; being washable, easy to dye, affordable and readily available at most fabric stores. If you think these fabrics are plain and boring... think again!


Natural cotton and linen has a beautiful, soft texture that hangs well for drapes and curtains. It pools softly around the base if you prefer curtains with extra length, or hangs straight for standard lengths.



If you prefer your curtains and drapes to have more detail, consider adding borders and trim to dress up. Fabric panels can also be added at the top or bottom of curtains and drapes for contrasting colour. Cotton and linen curtains and drapes can be mounted onto curtain rails and poles to suit your individual decor style:

Formal Pleats (as shown above)

Casual Rod Pocket

Informal or Relaxed (as shown below)

Choosing the right mounting tape makes all the difference to your cotton or linen drapes. With so many options for hanging curtains, your choice will be determined by the curtain rail or rod that you prefer to hang.

Even more affordable than linen, burlap or hessian is a rougher weave than linen and although not as soft, this fabric hangs nicely and looks good. Burlap curtains or drapes would enhance rustic, country or cottage style decor, but would look equally charming in a traditional setting, combined with dark woods. The rough fabric adds a level of texture to any room setting.

restoration hardware

Caring for cotton or linen drapes

Because shrinkage can occur, it is best to hand wash or dry clean these fabrics in lukewarm water. Leave drying to nature and hang these out onto the line for crisp, fresh linens. Any creases will drop out once hung, but a warm iron will take care of stubborn creases.