Decorative mosquito frames

When the weather is hot you want cool breezes through open windows, and this easy mosquito screen is a decorative way to reduce these annoying pests.


I have been searching for ideas for an easy and affordable way to make my own mosquito frames. We live close to a marsh, and mosquitoes can be annoying when they buzz around the room. Using mosquito tabs are all fine and well, but they smell a lot and I do worry about how healthy these are.

This simple yet decorative mosquito frame is made using some lengths of 20 x 44mm PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. You will find various options for assembling the frames in our Art and Framing section.





Once you have made the frames, use a Bosch Tacker or heavy-duty stapler to attach a thin layer of decorative lace over the back of the frame.

You can then simply place the frames close to a window, or secure them onto the frame. They won't keep all the mozzies out, but they sure will reduce how many manage to get in through the window.


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