Summer styles for windows

It's nice to be able to open windows and allow in a gentle breeze to cool down hot interiors during the summer, but window treatments also do their part for dressing up and cooling down a home.



We live in a beautiful country where sunlight enters our homes for most of the year. Fabric blinds are one of the most affordable window treatments you can make for a home and you can design a Roman blind in plain or neutral colours, or colourful dramatic patterns.



If you want to make your own Roman blind from scratch, join our DIY Divas workshop on Saturday 30 November at our Randpark Ridge venue. We will show you how to make a Roman blind for your home. Or click here for instructions on how to make a Roman blind.



While the 20th century was all about drama and hanging window treatments that were more like ball gowns than window dressing, the 21st century sees window treatments as a way to enhance a room and create a feature without overpowering the space. With modern lightweight fabrics, you can make your own Roman blinds so that windows can be stylish yet still control the amount of light and privacy where needed.



Choosing the right fabric for a Roman blind is about matching a blind to your existing decor, or adding colour and texture without overpowering the space. Rather, a Roman blind should draw attention to a feature in a home, or complement a room design.



However, that doesn't mean that you can't choose a fabric for a Roman blind that adds more colour and pattern to a room, as shown in this bedroom below. The colours in the blind tie in with those already used in the bedroom, but the pattern adds impact to the otherwise plain space.



Selecting the perfect fabric for a Roman blind means looking at what is already in the room, as far as colour and pattern is concerned, and incorporating at least one of the colours used in the fabric for the blind. Patterns can be a bit more tricky, but you can always play it safe with plain fabrics and simply add a ribbon or fabric trim.



With a blind you have the option to make a blind that is almost invisible by matching the fabric to that used in your room decor, or, you can make add colour by choosing a bold or dark colour used in the room for more of a stand-out feature.



While choosing patterned fabric requires a little more thought, by incorporating colours already in the room, patterned fabrics can add interest and pizazz to a plain window and create an eye-catching focal point.



Roman blinds are the perfect choice for any room in a home. They add colour and pattern to a bathroom, are practical for children's bedrooms and can be custom made to fit difficult or awkward windows in a home. And best of all, you can layer windows with Roman blinds and drapes for a more formal look.





We know that you can mount a curtain rail higher than a window to create the illusion of height in a room with a low ceiling, but did you know that you can do the same with a Roman blind? Mounting the blinds higher than the top of the window creates the illusion of taller windows, which in turn makes the ceiling appear higher and the room more spacious.



To create the opposite effect in a high-ceilinged room, mount a Roman blind lower than the top of the window for a more cosy room setting.