4 Important Factors to Consider When Selecting Window Coverings

Here are some design tips that will help you understand the basics of choosing the right cover for your window.



Every window deserves to have a cover to add aesthetic, sophistication, and elegance into it. However, there are many great different styles out there to choose from and this can make it hard to pick the best one. Most people think that the design is the first thing to consider when buying a window cover, but that should be the last element to give thought to. You need to take into consideration the function, location, privacy, and the type of fabric you need. The following tips will help you understand the basics of choosing the right cover for your window.


Know the Function

Each room in our house has a purpose may it be for entertainment, to chill or just to sleep. Rooms that involve entertainment like the living area require a window cover that lets in a lot of light from the outside ray of the sun. This will make the room more inviting, comfortable, and make it easier for the house members to move around. But if your living room serves as your entertainment room it will require less light, you might want to buy a layered window covering so you can easily adjust the light coming in the room. No one wants a light beaming on your tv. Same with your pathway, you might want to consider putting a curtain that does not block natural light and darken the entrance.


Understand the Location

Some homes are located in the remote area where the trees are so high and some are built on multiple levels. If your room faces a neighbor or adjacent to another window you need a covering that is designed to give you enough privacy. But if you don’t want that much privacy, you can have the option to combine window covers that control lights and privacy when needed.

Remember that it depends on your room location how much direct sunlight it will get. If the room gets so much sunlight they can be hot and uncomfortable to your eyes, especially in your bedroom or kitchen. You can install simple and versatile wooden venetian blinds. These will minimize the light coming into your room but will allow some to filter in.




You want to enjoy everything you do in a room without being concerned about being peeked out. So you need to choose the right window cover that brings you enough privacy. For the bedroom, heavy, colored out coverings will benefit you as it will give you a good sleep and the privacy you wanted.

For bathrooms, you need a light covering that is easy to adjust which will allow sunlight to pass thru without compromising your privacy. You can also add color or style to it.


Type of Fabric

It is important to know the materials used when choosing window covers as it makes a considerable gap to the light that is passing through or the privacy given to the room. Understand that, thinner fabrics will allow more light to come in and compromise privacy. Darker fabrics, on the other hand, create a more cinematic environment.

Remember that the right fabric should be picked based on how it will work for you and your room.

So before buying your window coverings for your home, assess your options, analyze the space your room has, and know the amount of light you want in your room. Invest in quality materials. Your window covering can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be. Just make sure that it complements the overall design of the room.



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