Add trim to plain curtains

Customise your curtains with a decorative band of fabric for a custom look and the perfect curtains for any room in your home.


Curtains or fabric (plain cotton sheets make great curtains!)
Fabric for trim
Fabric pen or chalk
Fusible bonding web




Step 1
Select a fabric to coordinate with your decor and gather remaining materials. Draw a straight line along bottom edge of fabric using a fabric pen or chalk; cut along line. Measure up from bottom edge of fabric to the required width you want your panel to be and mark at 20cm intervals along width of fabric. Draw a line connecting these marks using a ruler.

Step 2
Cut along the marked line, creating one trim panel length. Cut one trim panel for each curtain.

Step 3
Turn edges under one inch along panel top and bottom and press with iron. Insert fusible bonding web under top and bottom hems. Press with iron to secure hems in place.

Step 4
Position trim panel along bottom of drapery panel. Measure to ensure trim panel is lined up evenly from bottom edge of drape. Place fusible bonding web under trim panel bottom edge and press with iron to secure trim to drape. Insert fusible bonding web under top edge of trim panel and press in place to secure trim to drape.

Step 5
Wrap trim panel around to backside of drapery panel, insert fusible bonding web under trim panel and press with iron. Hang your new curtains, step back and enjoy the new look!