Make your own curtain fabric

It's easy to makeover a set of plain curtains (or cotton flat sheets) with fabric paint and stencil. There are no fancy techniques involved; simply find a design that you like, cut out the stencil and stencil the design onto the fabric.







Find an image

If you don't have an image already, do a search on Google for 'stencil patterns'. Once you've found a pattern that you like, enlarge the image to a good size and print it out. Transfer the design to a piece of medium cardstock, a plastic file folder, or acetate (stencil) sheet. Use a cutting mat and craft knife to cut out.



Because this pattern isn't solid you will need to do an additional cut in the centre of the stencil.

Keep any pieces that you cut out!

Spray Bostik sprayable adhesive to the back of the stencil and position as required on the fabric. Use a stencil brush to apply the effect. Use on small amounts of paint - have a piece of newspaper handy to dab the stencil brush onto before applying to the fabric.