Unexpected Ideas for Curtains, Drapes or Window Treatments

If you're looking for affordable curtain ideas to dress up a room, why not try one of these unexpected window treatment options that will save you money.


Curtains are an essential element in decorating a room for most homes and there are plenty of ways to be creative and make your own curtains - even with unexpected items such as bedsheets and drop cloths. Below we offer some easy DIY ways to add a window treatment to your home and most of which don't even require that you use a sewing machine.

If you are looking for ideas to add curtains to a room in your home, whether it's to provide insulation or privacy, these curtain ideas provide an instant window treatment that will keep your home warmer during the winter months, keep out the sunlight during summer, or give you the privacy you need.







Use Canvas Drop Cloths for Curtains

I know that I have mentioned using drop cloths for curtains in a previous article, but having tried this window treatment option myself and seeing all the new ideas popping up, I couldn't resist including this once again. You don't have to use a canvas drop cloth for this project, you can just as easily pop into your local fabric store and buy lengths of canvas in assorted colours. However, the idea of using drop cloths or canvas is an affordable way to add a long-lasting window treatment to a room, and especially if you are looking to add curtains to your patio or outdoor room.


If you need instructions for turning drop cloths into curtains, you will find easy instructions at Micheala Diane Designs. In the top image, Micheala uses drop cloths in two different ways for a new-sew project that is quick and easy for anyone to do. She found it difficult to find curtains for the high-ceilinged rooms in her Colonial home and discovered that drop cloths were a budget-friendly option for finishing off the rooms in her home.

Shannon over at an inspired nest uses drop cloths and curtain clips to add farmhouse-style curtains to a bedroom. Canvas is not only a very durable fabric, but it also lends itself to cottage or country decorating, so a great option if you love this style of decor. The tops of the drop cloth curtains [above] have a ruffle that adds something different to a plain drop, yet is so easy to do. The ruffle is also handy in that, you can easily adjust the length of the curtain by adjusting how much ruffle goes at the top.

The Design Twins, Jodie and Julie, also use drop cloths for a bedroom window, and once again this project uses curtain clips as an alternative to sewing a curtain strip at the top. The new-sew curtain option provides a beautifully tailored look to windows without the expensive price tag that many curtains come with.

Use Flat Bed Sheets for Curtains

Flat bed sheets are another easy DIY option to consider for window treatments, especially if you're looking for a lightweight design to filter out bright sunlight or add privacy without blocking out too much light. If you are considering this option, keep in mind that you can buy inexpensive bed sheets for an affordable window treatment, or opt for sheets with a higher thread count for a softer, draped effect for curtains.







Pop on over to Must Have Mom to see how Sarah used flat sheets to make a wonderful, airy window treatment for a sunroom [above]. Plus, this option is a new-sew project that won't take long to do.

Combine a dramatic black curtain pole with black curtain clips and lightweight flat sheet curtains to frame a window. Aimee Weaver Designs does just that [above] for another new-sew option that is quick and easy. Choose a single or 3/4 size sheet if you just want to frame a window, or double to queen size sheet if you prefer a bit more fullness. 

Our last window treatment using flat bed sheets comes from Sawdust2Stitches and shows how you can make beautiful curtains with bedsheets.



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