Minimalist, Clean and Simple Ways to Dress Windows

Not everyone is a fan of curtains or drapes for windows and there are plenty of ways to dress windows with a minimalist approach for clean and simple window treatments.






There are many different ways to look at windows; they can be the feature in a room, they may frame a beautiful view or perhaps they look onto a neighbour's house or face a busy road. But not everyone likes having curtains fitted. Many designers consider curtains or drapes to be old-fashioned and dated, especially when there are so many other simple, stylish ways to create a feature, address privacy, offer light control, or allow natural light to flow into a room.






Windows are the feature of a room. They the flow of natural light, let in cool breezes, and connect you to the outdoors and if windows have architectural detail or historical value you might not want to hide them behind curtains. Additionally, large expansive windows that offer a beautiful view, frame a particular feature,, or provide a link to the outdoors don't need to be hidden away but rather provide the purpose for which they were intended.


There is no rule when decorating a home that states window treatments are a must, in fact, modern design indicates the opposite. Many interior designers prefer to have windows themselves make a statement and let the room flow windows to create open spaces that allow more interaction with our outdoor environment. If this is the look you prefer for a room or your home and privacy or view is not an issue then looking for ideas or other solutions for windows might be the perfect idea.


1. Minimalist approach to window treatments


When decorating your own home it is important to go with what you love and not be affected by trends. By following trends you put yourself at risk of decorating with ideas that are trendy today - dated tomorrow. Do what feels right for you and that will make you feel comfortable in your own home.





Folding door windows provide the perfect opportunity to let the outdoors in, even if you only have a small courtyard garden.





If a room looks out onto a garden or landscaped area or you are looking to replace a wall with expansive folding doors, the last thing you will want to do is block the view. Leaving window treatments out of the picture lets a homeowner open up and create a smooth flow between indoors and outdoors.





2. Practical approach to window treatments


Installing shutters as a window treatment is the perfect solution if you have windows installed that lack any form of detail or interest, you have a view that leaves little to be desired, have close neighbours, the room faces direct sunlight throughout the day or you have concerns over security. Shutters have become a favourite for many homeowners given their ease of installation and the ability to have custom shutters made to fit any window.





Custom window shutters have the ability to complement any style of home due to the variety of styles available. For the modern look opt for clean white shutters that add an interesting feature to walls or select a dark wood if you prefer something a little more traditional.





Window shutters offer far more convenience than blinds and are manufactured for a long lifespan - both indoors and out. Additionally, there are shutters that offer integral security features that not only add to the overall aesthetic of a house but also the level of security.




Bathrooms are one of the rooms in a home that will benefit from the installation of shutters. They do not completely block out natural light but can be angled in such a way as to allow a view outside without anyone being able to see inside.





When rooms need the maximum amount of light, either due to the position of the house, placing of windows or size of windows, shutters can be custom-made to provide light control throughout the day and privacy in the evening.





3. Affordable approach to window treatments

If you have previously used curtains as a matter of affordability since you cannot beat the pricing of readymade curtains, blinds offer you the same advantage but with many more features. Plus, the variety of blind styles lets you choose the one you prefer, whether readymade or customisable.




Aluminium or wood horizontal blinds have been trendsetters for many years and continue to be a mainstay as an affordable window treatment. Horizontal blinds do not block out the view, can be angled to provide shade during the hottest time of the day and provide privacy. Horizontal blinds complement windows, both wood or metal frames, can be incorporated into any design style.





There are other blind styles such as roller blinds, Roman blinds and vertical blinds, all of which offer a way to dress windows rather than traditional curtains.





All of the above shows that it is possible to leave out window treatments and let windows themselves be the focus. Rooms small and large, removing the bulk of fabric will open up the space even more.






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