Honeycomb Blinds - Great for Kids Rooms

When it's winter holidays the kids spend most of their time indoors, which can mean your beautiful home can quickly become a noisy fast-paced mess. School holidays can leave your house in a chaos - with sticky curtains and some extra stains that you did not plan for.


Most parents dread the words 'school holidays', as it involves keeping the kids occupied and out of trouble for the duration of the time they spend at home. With kids spending more time indoors, Honeycomb Blinds are the perfect solution for maintaining cleanliness and restoring a sense of calm.

Installing Honeycomb Blinds is an easy way to have a child-friendly home that is trendy and up to date. Combine this with modern styling and low maintenance, and you have the perfect blinds for any room in the home. Choose from five different operating systems and five fabric options, in over 200 colours - all available at Finishing Touches.

Easy To Clean

Heavy-duty Honeycomb Blinds are great for kids rooms and playrooms. They're durable, chic and easy to operate - for both adults and kids. Honeycomb Blinds are also low maintenance and machine washable, which makes any stains or sticky fingers a breeze to clean, leaving more time for you to spend with your kids.



Insulate Windows

The closed, honeycomb structure of these blinds are a great insulator and keep a house warmer throughout the cold, winter holidays.