Window Ideas To Make Your Home Extra Beautiful

There are so many window ideas that can really make your home look extra beautiful.


Making your home look cozy, inviting and beautiful is a lot easier than you might think. One of the aspects many people tend to forget and which has a huge impact on the way you or your visitors feel about your home is the window design. Not only does it control how much light enters your home, but there are also so many window ideas that can really make your home look extra beautiful.


Just because your windows are already in place, doesn’t mean you can’t pimp them up with a few functional accessories. Instead of using blinds or curtains, you can use plantation shutters to give your windows a truly modern touch. With these shutters you’ll be able to control the amount of light or shade coming in according to your liking or time of day and also add a bit more privacy and insulation than other options making it not only practical, but also a pretty option for your windows.

Entry Windows

The main entrance has always been about the door, but you’d be surprised how much impact having windows in your entry will have on the beauty of your entryway. Not only does it let in more light, but it also looks unique and different. You can also play around with designs and how the windows are placed choosing grid windows or simple side panels or even add tiles in between them to give them a certain Victorian, geometric or specific look. The best thing about this window idea is that it will not only make your entrance look more appealing, but it will also stand out with its beauty.

Stained Glass Windows

Adding an artistic touch to your windows will not only make them look pretty, but will also be a heavenly site when the sun shines through them, brightening up your home with lots of colour. It also allows you to make bigger windows that still let in lots of sunlight and, at the same time, give a bit more privacy as the colour makes the windows a bit blurrier. This prevents you from being entirely exposed all the time while still having a brightly lit home with beautiful murals painted on your windows. Whether you choose geometric shapes, flowers, patterns or even animals, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to stained glass.

Add Long, Wide Windows

If your garden, backyard, or pool is overlooking, it really is a shame to have walls. Switching them up to wide, long windows that overlook the spectacular view will make you fall in love with your home 10 times more. That way, if the weather is too hot or cold and you can’t be bothered to head out, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, looking at the natural beauty while curling up on your couch. Make it your reading corner or the place where you escape for some peace of mind and tranquility just because you can breathe easy with the transparency of the windows that allow you to see through to the beauty of the garden.

Use a Pelmet to Decorate Your Windows

The amazing thing about pelmets is that they cover above poles and uneven finishing with a simple, contemporary design that is easy on the eyes and also gives your windows a whole lot of character. You can choose the design of your pelmet from just a straightforward, simple rectangular design, to an arch-like shape or even a Coptic or Islamic art inspired outline making your windows really speak up. You can even choose to add a wallpaper to your pelmet and match your pillows or cushions to them to recreate a sophisticated hotel bedroom look. Just remember to choose designs that are simple and easy on the eyes to avoid it becoming too distracting and something you get bored of after a while. In cases like these, remember that less is more and the actual purpose of the pelmet is to hide the poles and fixing to make your windows look more appealing.

Use a Double Panel

When it comes to dressing up your windows, there are countless ways to make them look pretty, one of which is using a double panel to allow you to use different levels for your curtains. This allows you to hang both a sheer and a curtain along with a window, but be able to draw each one separately, making it easier to keep your curtains open and the sheer closed to let the sunlight in, without being exposed or having to compromise on privacy. Using different lengths also gives an extra touch and draws attention to the contemporary style which makes your home look beautiful and welcoming without being too fussy.

Use a Café Curtain

There’s a reason why café windows always look so cute and cozy and it’s because of that half curtain many of them tend to use. There’s something awfully pretty and welcoming about a half curtain that makes your home feel inviting. It still allows light to enter and gives that pretty touch that makes your windows stand out. You can style it with a simple printed fabric or sheer curtains that look super cute or add a bit more character and personality to your windows. This style is a perfect solution for a kitchen window in particular.

Paint a Border around Your Window

If you’re looking to make your windows feel a lot bigger than they actually are without having to go into re-constructing them, a simple trick to make them look bigger is to paint a border around them to enhance their actual size in terms of appearance. That way, your windows will feel like they’re letting in more light by accentuating its size.

Windows are the source of air and light into a home. They can play a huge role in giving the home character and style or just boosting their appearance. With these window ideas, you can really transform your home and make it look more inviting, beautiful and appealing.



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