Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Patio Doors

Choosing a window treatment for sliding patio or French doors can be tricky, but these ideas will help you to decide on the best one for your home.




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Sliding doors and French doors, like most other window treatments, aren't defined by a single design type. There are all kinds of sliding doors and French doors, from aluminium to wood, single to triple and even those that fold upon themselves to create an open wall that flows into the garden. One thing, however, that they all have in common, is finding the best window treatment not only the door but also for the decorating style throughout the home.




Most window treatments are designed to either highlight or disguise a window. In a dark room or east-facing room, adding curtains that are brighter will visually open the space around the doors.





Formal reception rooms, casual family rooms, open dining rooms onto the garden; whatever type of design of sliding door you have in your home, we have an idea that might be perfect for you.



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Modern Relaxed Home

Most modern homes are designed to be comfortable with a relaxed style that flows more towards being casual. For this type of home, and one where sliding doors open onto a patio or deck, you will want a window treatment that frames the view but does not overpower the room.

Look at the overall colour scheme that is used in both the room leading outdoors and the decor used on the patio or deck, this will let you select a colour for the window treatment that will complement both inside and out. This is the perfect style of window treatment in rooms that are fresh and airy and filled with natural light. Use colours that lift the room and add just a splash of colour into the palette.


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In a home where you want the sliding door to be a feature in the room, whether a living room or dining room, the idea is to frame the window with a window treatment that is eye-catching yet blends beautifully with the decor already in the room. For example, the steel frame sliding door above is painted in a sky blue colour that complements accessories and textiles already in the room, while the curtains take their cue from patterned cushions on the sofas. This leaves the room looking balanced and the windows immediately catch your eye, drawing you to the view outside.


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Modern Casual Home

We are all looking for a more casual style of living, especially now that we are spending so much of our free time at home. Having access to a garden or outdoor area usually means some type of opening and sliding doors are the ideal solution for this.







When decorating a home to be more casual than traditional, but not quite country or cottage style, the emphasis is on modern casual - a way to be more informal when decorating your surroundings.



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Even if you don't need a window treatment for privacy and simply want to bring colour and pattern into a room, curtains or vertical blinds offer a great solution.



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Traditional Home

French doors or sliding patio doors, you want these windows to flow from a room to the outdoors, to guide your guests to explore further but not have them intrude on the living space. An easy and simple way to do this is to select a window treatment that fully ties in with the style of a room or, in this case, a traditional setting.

Select a curtain hanging system that reflects the style of your home and then choose a window treatment fabric that belongs in the room, one that takes its cues from other fabrics in the room. Choosing your own fabric lets you decide on colour and pattern and what will work best for you.



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In a more formal home setting, you can experiment even more with different types of window treatments, pelmets and tiebacks. You can also select fabrics that bring 'WOW' factor into a room.



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Formal Home

Window treatments for French or sliding patio doors in a formal decorated home can effectively be used to enhance the setting. Take, for example, the window treatment above that frames wooden sliding doors in a black, painted finish. The overall effect of the black and white detail on the curtains and trim adds drama and impact to the outdoor entertainment area, yet complements the interior decor.



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Contemporary Home

While many contemporary home styles might leave their windows bare, that doesn't work well if the property is overlooked by neighbours or facing onto a street. In those instances, a window treatment isn't just for show but for privacy. There are plenty of options that will provide a solution in these situations, whether it be sandblasting windows, having windows tinted or applying a blurred film that allows light into the room but doesn't allow anyone to see inside. Another alternative that fits well with contemporary design is the use of cellular blinds and these are available in motorized options that allow for raising or lowering at the press of a button.


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All the window treatments above, for either French doors or sliding doors, offer a certain amount of privacy, an opportunity to bring interest into a bland room and also create an eye-catching feature or frame an interesting view. Whatever window treatment you decide upon, make sure it offers easy maintenance and ease of upkeep. Regular cleaning is a must, and you want this to be as simple as possible.





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