Add warmth to a winter home

Winter is a chilly affair, no matter where you live. One of the easiest ways to warm up a room is to add a window treatment to keep out drafts.


Dressing up windows for the season allows you to swap curtains with lightweight designs in the summer, and heavier fabrics in winter. In the colder months, this is an easy and affordable way to insulate a home - by covering up drafty windows and keeping heat in, saving you money on your monthly electricity bill and also reducing your carbon footprint.

With convenient showrooms located inside Builders and Makro stores around the country, Finishing Touches offer a selection of top quality window décor products, including made-to-measure curtains in a range of stylish fabrics that are on trend to suit your decor.

Made-to-measure means that you choose your fabric, order the perfect fit and select your style preference. From Eyelets and Pencil Pleats, Double Pinch and Wave Headers, Finishing Touches provide a complete DIY window solution for any home.



When hung perfectly, a window treatment can transform any room by adding colour, pattern and texture. Curtains can also be used to give the illusion of height to a room, or to widen a narrow window. If you need to visually add height, mount the curtain rod higher than the size of the window. For the effect of more width, extend the curtain rod or pole out to the sides of a window.

Don't stress to much about getting the size right, simple measure the window from side-to-side and floor-to-rod, and take these measurements along to Finishing Touches. Their in-store consultants will be able to offer guidance and advice to make sure your window treatments look gorgeous.

You don't need to break the bank on expensive fabrics for curtains if you use a decorative rod or pole. Even plain fabrics can be given a glamour treatment with a selection of metal finish curtain rods and finials. Choose from brushed steel, wrought iron finish, or top off your windows with stunning crystal finials for a luxurious touch for windows.