10 Easy DIY Projects you can do in a Weekend

If you are still feeling down and need a pick-me-up, try one or more of these easy DIY weekend projects for the home.



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Spring is only a month away and it won't be long before you are rushing around doing spring cleaning in all the rooms to have your home ready for the warmer season. But if you are feeling a bit in the doldrums, perhaps because of the lockdown or just a general feeling of doom and gloom, we have some easy DIY projects you can do in and around the home before spring arrives.








1. Create a gallery wall

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It shouldn't take more than a weekend to hang a custom gallery wall in your living space. You probably have hundreds of photos on your phone just waiting to be printed out and mounted in picture frames. Grab some printer paper for your PC printer and print these out to make a stunning gallery wall.



There are so many areas where you can establish a gallery wall, perhaps in an entrance or hallway, along a blank wall in a living room or family room, or up one side of a staircase. Creating a gallery wall is a great way to transform a bare wall into an inspired feature wall.

Decide on the layout for your gallery wall and choose a colour theme for the picture frames. You can choose a single colour for the frames, or mix it up with assorted colours and frame designs.


2. Give your front door a splash of colour


Don't be the most boring house on the block when it's so easy to give your front door a coat or two of vibrant paint colour. Select a paint colour that you really love and that pops against the backdrop of walls.

You can even take your decorating to the next level by adding a few accessories to add even more character and charm to the entrance of your home. Take a look at our article that offers 4 smart ways to dress up an entrance. And while you are looking at ways to personalise the entrance to you home, take the opportunity to clean up around the exterior of the front of your house to make sure it looks good.


3. Refresh a fence or boundary wall



If you garden fence is an eyesore or you have an ugly boundary wall, it definitely won't add to the curb appeal of your house, yet it is so easy to paint either one with today's modern paint finishes.

There is still over a month until spring arrives, so set aside a weekend where the family can get stuck in and paint a fence - or a surrounding wall. Do make sure to use a paint that is easy to keep clean and that won't stain easily, even though it is outdoors.


4. Add some potted plants to living spaces

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After being closed up for the colder months of the year, there's nothing quite as nice as opening all the windows and doors to let in some fresh air. Another way to add freshness to any room is with potted plants. Even a single plant can make a difference in how a room feels.



We know that not everyone has a green thumb and that's why you can also think about silk or fake plants. The fake plants you can buy today are quite nice, and as long as you dust them regularly, no one will ever know.


5. Replace interior doors

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If your home still has builders-grade hollow-core doors fitted, fitting new doors can be done in a weekend and will provide a fresh new look for a home. You would be surprised at how affordable new doors can be, or keep an eye out for specials at your local Builders store and save even more.


If you are a savvy DIY enthusiast, there's nothing stopping you from making custom interior doors for your home.


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Replacing plain hollow-core doors with designer doors will instantly update a home. 

Fitting new doors isn't a difficult project if you have the right tools. In most cases, the doors may need to be trimmed on the length for a perfect fit and the best way to do this is with a jigsaw or circular saw, so either one of these tools would be great.







6. Give your bathroom a mini-facelift

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Believe it or not, those black spots on your shower curtain aren't polka dots - they're mould! If your shower curtain has outlived its life expectancy, it's time to head to the shops for a new one or to buy some pretty fabric and make your own. That's just one of the easy ways to refresh your bathroom in a weekend.


Other easy ways to refresh a bathroom include replacing mouldy or grubby silicone sealer around tubs, hand basins and shower. Once again, a quick project that you can do in an hour tops and your bathroom will appreciate it. Once the new sealer is done, think about refreshing the grout between wall and floor tiles. Dirty tends to accumulate over the years and you can scrub clean or remove a thin layer and re-apply a fresh, new layer of grout.


7. Have more privacy

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When you live in a townhouse development, flat or apartment, or even some cluster homes and free-standing houses, you don't always have the privacy you want. Overlooking neighbours, low walls or fences, houses too close, all these make you feel like you have no privacy when you're in your own home.




You have a few options to consider for adding a frosted window effect to windows and glass panels in or around doors. The first option is to use a frosted glass spray, such as Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass. The only downside of this product is that it isn't absolutely permanent and you have to be careful not to apply a window cleaner or spray product that may remove the frosting. The second option is to use a tinted film or self-adhesive vinyl in a transparent pattern and apply this to your windows and doors. The last and most expensive option - and not something you can do in a weekend - is to have your windows and glass panels sandblasted with your choice of design.







8. Introduce some colour

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Too many homeowners are afraid to bring colour into their homes, whether it's painting a feature wall in a bold colour or adding some colour with artwork. Even a small amount of colour can uplift a home and make it feel more alive.

If you are one of those too afraid to bring in colour, be daring... be bold... and give it a try. We're not talking permanent life changes here, just a few baby steps with a few colourful throw cushions or a brightly patterned rug, or even a piece or two of colourful art. As someone who lived a life of beige for so many years, believe me when I say colour is definitely something you want in your home. Go on... I dare you!


9. Put up some shelves

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Floating shelves, chunky box shelves, streamlined glass shelves - what would we do without shelves. The perfect shelf is not just for storage, it can be used to provide a place to set up a decorative display - or more than one for a whole wall feature.

I think most people tend to shy away from shelves because they are scared to fasten them to the wall. If it's a bookcase or a bookshelf, it is freestanding and doesn't require any hammering.


10. Invest in a new window treatment

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Whatever your budget, whatever your style, there's bound to be a window treatment that meets both of these requirements. Whether it's slim aluminium blinds for a kitchen or bathroom window, a basswood blinds for your home office, or decorative layered window treatment for a living or dining room, there are plenty of options to choose from.

A new window treatment can completely transform the look and feel of any room and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. And you will be surprised at the difference it will make to a room. If you have always gone with dark curtains, try a light window treatment to visually open up a room and make it feel brighter. Refresh a bathroom or kitchen window with pretty Roman blinds, or make your own custom Roman blind to suit your style.


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If the above doesn't keep you occupied for a weekend, there's still plenty more to see if our Craft, Decor and DIY sections. 





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