Decorate a Wall for the TV!

How strange it is when a TV was considered taboo in a living room but has now become (once again) the centrepiece!

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For decades, the TV ruled the roost in a living room before there came a time when it was considered bad decorating to decorate the room around the TV. And now we've come full circle again, with the TV the highlight of the living room. Perhaps it's due to the fact that TVs can now take up an entire wall with their presence, or the fact that technology has evolved so much that we turn to the TV for all our entertainment, whether it's weekend sport, daily soaps, or binging to catch up on our latest favourites. Whatever the reason, there aren't many living rooms that don't have a TV.

Nowadays, most families spend their evenings and weekends in front of the TV, and if this is the case, it's time for the TV to take centre stage and be given the position it deserves.







We have compiled a list of tips for decorating the living room to take full advantage of what's on the telly, whether you have a small TV that requires very little space or a monster screen that takes up most of the wall.

Select a TV that is in proportion with the room in which it will be placed. A TV screen that is too large will overpower the room. - 166422148718177771/?nic_v1=1aClWL35sbYy%2F35AA8SnYzvu%2Fn%2Bw1Qstm1X2ccCM1e5UqeB9xpC%2FZQ5bg3XeX%2Bc%2Bfc

Choose A TV To Fit In The Room

This should be a no-brainer... buy a TV that fits into the room, right? Problem is when you go shopping for a TV and rugby is on in the store, the first thing hubby wants to do is buy the biggest TV he can afford. After all, when sport is on he doesn't want to miss even the smallest detail.


The problem with a TV that's too big for the room is the distortion that occurs when you sit too close to the screen, not to mention the amount of space it takes up. Large TV's are best for large living rooms or, even better, for an entertainment room. A smaller TV is more aesthetic to a smaller room and keeps everything in proportion. - 518899188317661406/?nic_v1=1aOEufBRk8s%2Fi1QFeEQbIV1WgxuyXnulFeR8Z5aZWVa9FuEcPI7yw2qJn81bsC6se8

Install The TV With Safety In mind

When installing a TV onto the wall, or on top of a cabinet, think safety first. If there are children in the home, mounting onto a wall would be the safer option, since a child won't be able to pull it over. But not everyone has to DIY savvy to drill into walls, so consider asking a friend who does, or hire a professional to install the TV.

The same safety rules apply to all the cables for the TV and related equipment. You don't want to spoil everything by having cables lying everywhere. Use cable ties to keep wires and cables together, or install plastic trunking (available at Builders) to conceal the wiring. - 55309901646939873/?nic_v1=1ajgL%2Bl%2FabFqe%2BFJVHpVDWAOLvyHkXAr27l8X5ZwimnVB7XLuBWGuqR7Qnq5LSlH0O

Dressed To Impress or not

Now that the TV has once again taken its rightful place in the living room, it's time to decorate the wall behind, above or around the TV. But just because the TV is in the room, doesn't mean everything has to revolve around it. You need to decide for yourself if you want to make the TV a feature or decorate to include it as part of your wall decor - to blend in rather than stand out. - 182395853635155670/?nic_v1=1aQNsd%2BqgHHpANDetFSFJ7gpSOVIjL%2BAZV5vrLKIXOXzXe9Y1H4gFK1jt3naW%2Bq5DX

- Make a TV less obvious

There are more than a few ways to make a flat screen TV appear less prominent in a living room. One of the easiest is to decorate around the TV with shapes and art that almost make the TV disappear. This is a great idea if you only occasionally watch the TV but also spend a lot of time in the room doing other things. - 135037688813650220/?nic_v1=1a2mjs2JlckccsB2pm8o5G3zJQgUVr1OYfSjIjakkyecefjqAeQIfEAfi8rU1SCIAw

If you prefer to keep the wall clean and not hang an assortment of pictures or art on the wall, consider mounting floating shelves around the wall. A set of quality floating shelves can also be used for lightweight electronic components, such as your DVD player or PVR, as well as a few decorative accessories. - 837599230677319152/?nic_v1=1aD1B3rioFQAE24zNoN6uEpscJ9XDaNTq8U3BGTh5VUsoFMP2apy0e3ikvSYVJDvyt







- TV as a Stand Out

There will be those that prefer a TV to be the main feature in a room, whether it's a living room, family room or den. If this is the case, it's easily done. - 806707351987078673/?nic_v1=1aM8LwsCtwdlLOdwex4J%2BRN0zr1nfYMubTvNGqab46%2Bfk4s2gWE4eaBkPkPIUnvJjy

When you want your TV to be a focal point, treat it as you would a piece of eye-catching art. Place the TV centrally in front or on the wall and leave it at that. You still have the option to add one or two pieces of wall decor or have a couple of tall speakers stand sentinel at the sides of the TV, but let the TV take pride of place. - 664492120005034565/?nic_v1=1aSrV4raiC9T3xZn4HA0EHj9Wu51WqfDCvMrNZxABMOv7Eiqw6kSy2LppFQhxF1Dgf

When deciding where to mount the TV in a living room, a discussion between you and your partner will lead you in the direction you want to take and, hopefully, the above choices will assist in making the right decision. - 647040671450603538/?nic_v1=1aXWuIorb0xC2iTHL%2FxFFu2%2B5y%2BohEDMC4X4mc4LvyQHZq64GMfl9pfirYSeOJssnA



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