4 Tips for Making Your Perfect Living Room

In this article  we’re going to be running through a few tips on how to make your living room perfect.


For some, it can be difficult to choose their favorite room in the house. The bedroom is always a great choice. Who doesn’t love going to sleep or catching a quick nap on a Saturday afternoon? The kitchen is also another great choice. Plenty of great times and delicious meals. What about the living room? In terms of entertainment, that’s where you’ll probably be bringing your guests, meeting up for the big game, or playing your favorite video game.

If you thought about the living room, then the stats are on your side It’s hard to deny the importance of the livi.g room when you can wrap so many different aspects into one room.

Today, we’re going to be running through a few times on how to make your perfect living room. Soon, it will be ready for game nights, birthday parties, and much, much more.

The Storage Side

Before we dive into the fun things, a “boring” area everyone must plan at one time or another is storage. Where are you going to be putting blankets, cups, and everything else when you’re not using it?

When you’re buying or building your furniture, look for furniture with multiple purposes. Find ottomans or footrests that can open and where you can store your blankets. Think about tables that fold up and have a place to store coasters or magazines.

Be judicious about your space and make sure to maximize as much of it as possible.

The Lighting

While open floor plans and plenty of natural light is all the rage these days, you might want to reconsider the lighting for your living room. Chances are, that’s where the main TV of the house is and where everyone will be gathering to watch a movie or binge-watch your favorite TV show.

If you can, plan around where light will be coming in and think about how you can block it out. You might want to invest in some curtains that not only fit the style of your room but will also be able to block out the light and any ambient sounds.

Leave the natural light to bathe over other parts of your house without sacrificing the comfort in your living room.

TV and Furniture Placement

Even though you might be using your living room for a plethora of events and activities, that TV is still going to be one of the main fixtures. Maybe you’re looking for a TV (free tip: hold off on 4K and 8K for a bit) as the final exclamation point on your room.

What you don’t want to do is buy a TV that’s too big for your living room, where viewers are craning their necks up and down, left and right just to be able to enjoy what they’re watching. You aren’t going to willingly sit on the front row of a theater are you?

The general rule for your TV is the closest couch, chair, etc. should be about 1.5 times the distance of the TV’s width. That’s to say if your TV is 55 inches, you should be sitting about 7.5 feet away from the TV. Make sure all the other seating areas are situated in a place that makes it comfortable for people to sit and watch. That way you won’t miss any of your favorite shows as you binge your way through.

Speaking of binging…

The Entertainment

No doubt you’ve researched a bit about the various cable packages or streaming options that are out there for you. We’re not here to tell you which one you should go with, but you should definitely make sure you have the most options possible.

For this, it’s always great to make sure you have a device with a VPN, or virtual private network, installed. That sounds tricky, but Troypoint has the ideal tutorial to help get you set up in less than 30 minutes.

Many devices can be plugged right into your TV, but for those that require wires, think about strategic ways you can hide them. Not only will your house cat be less tempted to play with or bite them, but a clean setup with hidden or organized wires simply looks better.

There are plenty of wire sleeves you can use to cover them up or have them blend in with the floorboard. For organization, you can use zip ties to keep them close together without spraying out in all different directions.



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